Hi Everyone!!

So I have been a member for a little while now but I have finally decided to follow my instincts and introduce myself.   My name is Alicia and I'm 22 and from GA.  I have been dating my marine for almost a year but we have known each other for almost 2 years.  He is currently stationed in Hawaii, he will be there for 3 yrs and I really miss him so much as you all can totally relate to.  I finally could not hold it in any longer and I had to find a support group with ladies who finally could understand what I was going through with the distance and everything else tht comes along with a military relationship.  So I really look forward to getting to know you all, sharing and receiving stories and words of support and wisdom! Ttyl!  : ) 

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Hi Rosana! When is Brandon set to come back? That's great that you two will be back together! I totally agree that distance makes your relationship so much stronger it forces you two to communicate more which is always great. : )

Hi, My name is Rosana and Brandon is in Afghanistan but will be stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA...We are both from Cali :) Distance is hard but it makes your relationship stronger! Semper Fi

OMG!! Heck yea Lexi that is way closer. Good for you I know that you can probably hardly wait until he gets there...I know I'm hoping the next time my guy will get put a whole lot closer to me. I will totally take a 9 hour drive for that! : )

Hi Shelby! how are you? how long will David be gone? <br />
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Thx Erin! I appreciate it and if you ever want to talk i'm also here.

yeah, the time difference is a ***** and a half, but we do what we can. <br />
he will be there for two years, its almost been one; he left here august 3rd. hopefully he'll be coming home for leave in june sometime. three months is the longest i had gone without seeing him, ten months is pushing it.<br />
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if you ever want to talk, i'm here :)

Thanks for the warm welcome! Rocky is my marine...he has been a marine for 5 years.<br />
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~Hi Kayla~ thx so much I'm sure I will be getting in contact bc my friends just don't understand what we go through with a long distance relationship...<br />
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~Hi Sam~ Congratulations!! I love weddings! How's the planning going so far if you don't mind me asking? Oh yea and what colors? : )<br />
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~Hi Elizabeth~ I agree the highlight of the day, week or whatever are those phone calls from him...yes it is all worth it bc I could never see myself with anyone else : )<br />
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~Hi Erin~ How long will he be in Japan? Rocky was stationed in Japan for our entire first year of knowing each other and the time difference was a kicker but e-mails, letters and those awkwardly timed phone calls were great...lol<br />
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~Hi Allison~ yea you never get accustomed to the long distance I guess...I had one of those weeks last week where I saw all of those happy couples together holding hands and all I wanted was the same thing right then...but we have those times when it get rough but we keep "marchin on" : ) <br />
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~Hi Sarah~Thx. Wow I have not been through a deployment yet but I know it is going to happen sometime...I can only imagine how much you must be missing him and I know you are so doing a countdown until you see him again! : )<br />
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~Hi Lexy~ That's awesome!! so will that be closer to you?

Hey!!! I'm Sarah and Paul is my marine. We havent been together all that long, almost 3 months now... He is currently in Iraq and will be until June or July. Missing him is super hard, I can entirely relate to that!! Welcome to the group!

Hey, I'm Allison. Kieth is currently at boot camp in san diego. He'll graduate in a month :] <br />
We've daated on and off for almost a year and a half now. The long distance thing does suck, and it's definately caused me to have my ups and downs with my view on the relationship, but in the end I realize how much I love him and wouldn't want to give him up. The distance just takes some getting use too. Welcome to the site :]

Hi! I'm Erin. Ive been with my boyfriend for three years. He is currently in Okinawa, Japan.<br />
I feel you on the long distance thing.

Hey i'm sam and jason and i have been together for three years we getting married in july i'm in hawaii at the moment and jason is in nc i totally know what u saying about long distance we battled in the begining but have become experts on it now lol! Welcome

heyyy girl.. im kayla... my marine is roman.. he is stationed at Camp Pendelton, Ca. we are both from texas... Roman and I have been together for almost 3 years.. hes been a marine for almost 2. i totally can relate to the distance... if you ever need anything feel free msg me... :)