Heard From Him ;)

Hey ladies,  Well as you guys know, Paul is in Iraq and the last phone call I got from him was a little scary.  I learned that he was in combat and not exactly in a safe location.  Anyways, with the elections having happened today in Iraq, I didnt think I would be hearing from him... There has been a pretty big increase in violence.... But he suprised me and called me from a satellite phone on his way back to base.  I only got 5 minutes but I heard him laugh, and he said the magic words that will get me through another week until I talked to him again.... "I miss you and Im safe."  I think those words are the fuel that keeps me going. 

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4 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Yay!! I think thats great and he's safe thats great!

Aw thats awesome those words are always the best ever!

me too... Thanks ladies!

That's good that you got to hear from your man and that he's safe. :]