Sort Of An Update.

I just wanted to thank all the girls who gave me advice on my last story! You all helped me come to reality.

I wanted to let you all know that i got to talk to mark about it all and everything is amazing between us again! I just needed to get over the shock of him telling me deployment was coming so soon and i realized that together we need to take this DAY BY DAY! No need to look into the future. Im 17 turning 18 I dont need to focus on marriage because that doesnt fit my life or mark's life at the moment nor in the next few years. Things will happen if they are meant to be and i just have to leave it up to that. =)

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6 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Aw i'm glad it worked out for both of u! You'll know when the times right jason and i waited three years before we decided to get engaged and we wouldn't change anything it just feels so right!

I'm glad u guys worked it out and u right i'm 26 and not sure about marriage yet but that might change u never know!

I'm glad your doin better. you just have to keep reminding your self to take it day by day like you said. it's hard to do sometimes, but it will help. I'm on the same boat as you. I started freaking out about my relationship with kieth cuz I thought that this would mean i'd seriously have to start considering marriage, and what if things didnt work out, blahblahblah. I love kieth but marriage is definately not somethin i'm ready for. ha. But I have to remind my self that if thats whats meant to happen then it will, there's no rush. those things can wait for when we're ready for it. :]

Good for you! I still have college to look forward to...marriage seems SO far awayyy. u still have each other though :)

Well said! Plus when you look too far into the future, you miss out on the here and now. I am so glad you guys are doing amazing! The deployment will bring you closer together. Live your life, and love your man...

Good for you:)