Anyone Else In A "relationship Break" Now? Blah It Suckss

So mine's at MCT right now. **** happened, and the only way I'll forgive him is if he's willing to be 100% honest with me about everything in his life. I guess once u get deeper into a relationship the "bad" stuff about u comes out..Eh, I didn't like what he had to say. PLUS, he has a crazy ex who is trying to break us up by saying that he's cheating on "both of us" (not true). LONG STORY...Btw, she called me yesterday to find out his address or to see if I was in contact with him......He hasn't contacted anyone as of yet. It would be really nice if he DID get to see his phone though. I want him to see the "I still love you" texts. I know in my heart he cares so deeply for me, and he doesn't want to lose me. But I put this one month break to let him know that he HAS to be better for me like he was before or else this can't work. I really do love him.

Soooo anybody else on a break? It SUCKS that I can't hear from him for another 2 weeks. It'll be a month of uncertainty. Grr. Other than that, I GOT INTO MY FIRST CHOICE COLLEGE!!!! Sooo life's good. I"m not as upset as I should be. I was super pissed 2 at the beginning, but I dont ever stay mad at someone. Ehh, it all depends on how much he's willing to get me back.

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Omgg Storm25 u got to Harvard med? damnn!! Haha, I'm going to be a biology pre-med student. Gonna be busy. I'm so excited for these next 4 years :). NYU is also a really good school. I won't disclose exactly where I'm going on here, but it's reallyyy hard to get into & I wasn't expecting I would get in at all.

Aw girl congrats i really hope u do really well! I'll never forget that acceptance letter into nyu it was the coolest day of my life!! I hope everything else works out!

Oooh i remember getting into Harvard med school i was so excited i remember getting that letter and and tackling my brother, AJ, and Aaron they all looked at me as if i'd lost my mind lol! On your other stuff girl i really hope it works out i really hope that things change. Good luck and congrats!

A break is a nice word for breakup unless of course you both agree to not see anyone else. Needing a little time away as in alone time is sometimes necessary, unfortunately, it doesn't work that way when you're married. Good luck to you. I hope you figure out what's best for you. Congrats on getting into your school of choice! That's very exciting... I can still remember jumping up and down like a fool when I got my acceptance letter to my favorite university!

that's honestly what i believed too. but i was just so mad at him and he didn't have enough time to even explain to me the whole situation because he was already on the bus and almost at his destination. i told him that we need to figure how important we are to one another and we need to get our own lives sorted out before we make a major commitment. he has to get used to marine life & i'm abt to go to college. if he cares enough about me, things will work out.....his ex is one crazy woman >:(.

Hope everything works out for you 2 and that he realizes he needs to treat you better. and congrats on getting into your first choice college! :]