This Weekend Was Crazy

it started to be a crazy weekend when i found out jared's grandpop and my best friend's grandmom are both on their death bed. trying to be there for the both of them was hard especially since i through it already. it was my birthday this weekend and it was crazy! friday after school, i decided to take a nap since i was at school from 9am-430. i woke up to have some dinner and get ready since my friends were meeting at my house. i woke up to my mom screaming at me telling me im a horrible daughter and all i care about is my friends. then she continued on to say that i never spend time with her and im never home. well i'm always home, since i dont drive. then she went off to say its her fault i dont drive and blah blah blah. this divorce has seriously got to her head! after bawling my eyes out, she apologized and realized that since she's miserable, she wants everyone else to be miserable. i was debating to go out, but my friends drugged me out.

it was a really good night till jared freaked at me. i didn't understand why he freaked at me till today; his grandpop had passed that night. Saturday, i went to the gym and then went to my niece's birthday party. i only stayed for 10 minutes because my family was being soo fake (theres so much drama in my family). then my uncle showed up, who wasn't at my graduation party but came to my niece's 2nd birthday (yea we have the same birthday, but theres 3 on 1 birthday). so mom stayed in the parking lot and i left. that night, went to go see alice in wonderland! loved it!!! then today had to work=[ never work in the bridal industry, it's nuts! i only worked 4 hours, i dont think i stopped running. lol.

i talked to jared all night=]] he seemed to be doing really good and staying strong. i get to see  friday night into saturday night! then he leaves to go back to mos sunday morning=[ but im totally excited and i can't wait!! so can'for this week! going to dinner with the girls, working at a prom fashion show for work, and seeing the boyfriend!!! loving it!

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Aw sweety i really hope things get better on the home front for u! At least u get to see him this weekend have a ball u really deserve it!

Aw i happy u get to see him this weekend and i really hope things get better for both of u from now on! Sometimes spending time away from everything helps a lot!