In The blink Of An Eye..

Hello ladies!

It has been a while since I've been here. I have been so wrapped up in my man while he was on leave that I completely abandoned you guys, but i'm SURE you all understand! He got an extra two weeks for recruiter's assistant and that time with him was ideal.

I hope that you all are staying strong for your men. I, personally, am not doing so great. My boyfriend left yesterday for MCT. I have been continuously sobbing since 1:30 p.m. yesterday. He called to let me know that he made it this morning and that he could not call me again until next month. Somehow we thought that we'd be able to talk on Sunday's but that dream was quickly obliterated. I feel like someone has ripped my right side from me and figuratively that applies, since he is my other half.

I THOUGHT boot camp was hard, but at least I could look forward to him coming home. Now, there's really nothing to look forward to since I have no clue when I'll see him again or where he'll be stationed. Of course, I'm extremely sad today because the wound is still fresh. And that call telling me we can't talk just sprinkled salt on the gaping wound encasing my heart. Also, I didn't get to talk to him because my phone dropped the call right when I answered. Great time for T-Mobile to fail. On the bright side, he left a voicemail that I can replay for a month, so I'll take that.  I just want this part of our life to be over. He keeps reminding me that it will get worse before it gets better and he's never been more right.

Are any of you in this stage right now? I know some of  you were waiting for your men to graduate! How amazing did that feel?! Also, how impressive and awesome was the ceremony? Most importantly, how much more do you love and respect your changed man now?! I am so proud to be dating a Marine. It's hard, but I wouldn't trade him for anyone else.

I hope everyone else is going great! I'd love to hear from those who feel like I do right now!

Semper Fi!


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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

Hey girl! My guy is deployed in iraq. Communication is spotty where he is... I never know when we hang up the phone when the next time I will get to hear that voice again. So I literally just live completely in the moment when I talk to Paul on the phone... close my eyes and try to picture where he is, and what he is doing and realize that even though we are half a world apart, we are sharing that moment in time together. Its ours. And hearing the "magic words" as I call them, are the fuel that keeps me going. "Im safe and I miss you" God I love those words.... Anyways, I know it is hard and like he said it may get harder before it gets better... But know that he is doing what he is doing for you both. PS- I know what you mean about the voicemail... I have a 3 second VM from Paul... Its not even anything sweet...It just says "Hey girlface, answer ma calls"... I listen to it everyday :)Good luck, Im here if you need anything.