Update!!! Omg Girls Im Freaking Out. Do U Guys Hav Any Info?

OK so duddy graduated last Wednesday from mp school. He was sooper excited!!! Any-who.....on Thursday his phone broke, he has a touch screen so he couldn't do anything except for call the last person he called which was me. so he called me right away nd told me. Well later on that day he called and asked if i can call his mother nd tell her ta call him. well his mom and I have not been the best of friends lately.....any-who she didn't answer her phone of course so i had text her later on. she said she was on the phone with her brother when i called and that she tried callin duddy nd he was not answering his phone. i just told er " well idk. i will let ya know if i hear from him." well he called from a blocked call and he said that he only had a minute and jus wanted to say that he loved me. so i told his mother that he called. she said well is he gunna call me. i told her that he didn't say and that he only got a few words in. so she called and she was flippin out sayin ever since he and i bn tagether he hardly calls her. She said that they would be on the phone and he would hang up with her and say i will call you back Cassaundra (me) is calling and never call back. i mean i totally understand where she coming from but its not my fault. He is a big boy and he can make his own decision. So he called back later that night (thursday still) and i told him what she said. he was so mad. He goes" Baby you dont have to listen to that. that is jus stupid!" so Friday morning came along he called b4 the bus pickd him to take him to the airport. well he said he would call wen he got to the airport. Well he never called......he caled his mother saturday morning nd told her ta tell me that he would call wen he can. so i was ok with that.....sunday came around nd i still hadn't heard from him!!!! i mean iv tried calling him but it goes sstaight ta voicmail. so i txt the mother nd asked if she had heard from him and she hadnt. well i was falin asleep last night nd she txt sayin he called her nd he said the same thing that he would call wen he can. so i was soooo f***ing pissed!!!! i mean i was the only person he could call from his phone and i havnt heard from him but he can call his mother from another phone. I freaking out because every time when he felt like he didnt wanna be with me he would jus stop calling. So i spent  my night crying my eyes out bcuz im soooooo scared he is leaving me again. Girls do you anything about how it is when they get to their new station....im hoping he is jus soooooper busy. he is at pendleton if that helps. It jus doesnt make any sense we have been completely fine no arguments or anything. Please if have any info on how it is when they get to their station let me kno please!?!?!?!

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I just read your story but yeah the same happened when Lucas went to NOLA. He was so busy that I didn't even hear from him for the first two weeks he was there! But your bf's situation is different because he broke his phone...

it's probably seriously phone troubles. omg though, my fiance's mom gets jealous that he spends so much time with me when he's home and calls me more then he calls her. she's never said anything, but we can just tell. it's sooo annoying.<br />
keep your head up! it'll be ok. he'll call, i promise!

i think everything is fine, maybe he felt bad because of what you said about his mom getting no phone calls? idk, btu i wouldn't worry to much. at least he's still telling her to tell you that he's safe and he'll call you asap, ya know?

Omg, I posted a story not 3 weeks ago about this... Paul had called his mom and dad but not me, and I wasnt angry.. But I was so uncomfortable with it, it made me feel so freggin insecure... I am super close with Paul's family but I was still like, why didnt he call me? Didnt he want to hear my voice? I think even Elizabeth, you commented telling me that it had happened to you before too... The thing is that we are so into these guys and we forget that they are not just away from us... They are away from everyone, where as they are the only ones (usually) missing in our lives. Just have faith that he will call you soon, and be thankful that he is talking to his mother, bc it will relieve some of the tension. I know bc at first when Paul went back to Iraq from leave, he didnt call anyone for 2 weeks, but he emailed me about every 3 days. His family was sweet, but I could feel the resentment. Since he has started to spread his correspondence around, the morale of everyone in his family, along w myself has improved! So, try not to be angry... Its his job. I hope he gets in touch soon, I know he will. And when you hear from him it will make everything better :)