I Am Not Sure What Happened.

So I really don’t know what to do. Me and My fianceé lives in separate places. He is in Florida right now and I'm Texas. We were doing good but all of a sudden he wasn’t calling me or replying to any of my texts. I told him to call and in Sunday he finally did. The problem is he told me he is leaving early. He is leaving next week. I was going to go see him on spring break and the day before he leave. Well I had to go cause I was babysitting but he told me to call him that night. I called and he answered. He said hello. Before I said hello he said I don’t think we should be together anymore. Bye. That was it. I couldn’t even cry because I was in totally shock.   All I did was  text him. I don’t know what to say or think. Is it really over?? Or is he just stressing?? Yesturday before he broke up with me he said he was stressing bout something that he ahsto memorize. I dont know how i Should be reacting. Does he have someone else???

 I need major advice.

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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

how long were you together? you two are engaged... this isn't a boyfriend girlfriend break up ordeal. when someone gives you a ring, they give you a promise. a promise to be with you, a promise to love you, a promise to love only you forever. i'm sorry but that is completely ridiculous, he gave you a ring and told you never mind. personally if my fiance' did that to me he'd be gone. . . you either love me with all of your heart, or leave me alone. You two need to work on some things, you really need to talk. He can't just do that to you without an explanation...

hey hun im cassaundra im 18 my fiace has bn to bootcamp already. i went through the exact same thing. Honestly i think he is jus stressing out. my fiance did the same thing. He feels that because ya'll arent guna c eachother for a while and dat der is a possibility for deployment in a year or so he doesnt want u to wait. lettme c hw ta put this....if anything happens ta him he thinks that if ya'll arent tagether it wont hhurt as much....so dnt worry jus reassure him that u understand what the possiblities are and that u kno what ur gettin urslf into wen uya'll r in a relationship....if it doest wrk right away, jus give him time, he'll come around. if ever need ta tlk jus msg me