Awesome Weekend With The Boy But Something ****** Up Happened.

hey girlies, so i got a last minute visit to san deigo this weekend and i had the besssst time! i was there for less than 48 hours but it was so worth it. :) there was one slight damper on the weekend, we were hanging out with some of his marine friends and the older guys went out to a bar so me brandon and his friend whose also under 21 just hung out in their hotel room, playing drinking games. we were having lots and lots of fun, this was the first time ive really hung out with the guy. so through out the night he started saying some pretty inapporpriate stuff to me and brandon. he like leaned over to brandon and was like dude your girl is so hot, if you werent with her id **** her. brandon just ignored it because the guy was drinking and he didnt want to start a fight or anything, but the guy just kept saying stuff. brandon stepped out to have a cigarette and the guy was like hey ummm its really bad but i want to make out with you right now. i was so freakin shocked, i was just like well i dont think YOUR FRIEND brandon would appreciate that. i didnt tell brandon until after we left because i knew he would have killed him. i like leaned back on the bed at one point and the guy was like the way your sitting makes it look like you want to get ******, brandon wasnt in the room. i was just like wtf are u doing? and then like at other points in the night the kid was like oh u and brandon are really good toghether hes a great guy dont break his heart. so like the kid was just totally not making sense. and at the end of the night he freakin asked for my number! and i just laughed at him and said no, and he was like oh good job that was a test you passed, i was like yea ok.... anyhoo but so brandon was really upset, this kid was supposed to be his really good friend, his freakin brother, the guy that watches his back. and he was hitting on me with brandon in the room? brandon was really hurt and the guy like texted him the next moring and was like oh i dont remember anythingi was so drunk, matt told me what i said im sorry. he was NOT that drunk he completely remembers everything, he just bitched out. im really frustrated that brandon had to lose a friend like this, i dont understand why the guy would do that, i dont like to see brandon upset. it was nice in one way because later that night brandon  was like you know this happening makes me trust you more then ever :) it was nice to see brandons faith in me, thats never really been tested in front of him before so hes never seen how i react to situations like this, so it wasnt all bad!!! anyway thats just a slight imperfection on my otherwise perfect last minute surprise weekend! it went so well, i didnt even cry when i had to say goodbye to him because im sooo happy and totally confident in our relationship. <3 you girlies!

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3 Responses Mar 8, 2010

yea i had so much fun! yea the kid is like literally 5 feet tall so yea no.. never would've happened and i have no idea what he was expecting lol, i guess for me just to start making out with him with brandon right outside the door? yep definetly should've done that, the guy is stupid and lost a good friend so he got what he deserves anyway lol

omw men are like so freaking wiered somtimes seriously and you handled it really well what did he freaking expect to happen! anyway i'm glad you had fun at least that was nice!

hahah, holy crap. that loser would have gotten a swift kick in the *** from me. i may be small, but I can handle myself :) hahah.<br />
Gotta hate stupid people. At least you had fun with brandon! :D