Hello Ladies, I'm pretty new to this site and I never offically introduced myself but I have followed the many stories posted. My name is Rosana, i'm 25 and My Marine is Brandon,24. We are both from Sunny SoCal and he is Stationed at Camp Pendleton but is Currently deployed in Afghanistan but will be home at the end of the month <3 We  are getting Married in June. We were friends before lovers but I think thats what makes us perfect ;) I knew his entire family before I even knew him lol weird how that worked, he was in Japan for three years and we maintained a great Friendship. Once he came back to California is when we became more <3 He is my everything, he's been in the Marine Corp. for 5 years, re enlisted last March. He has lived the much talked about single life of a Marine Boy :) Enjoyed traveling the world and partying like a true Marine lol as he would say. He's been to many places around the world and I'm sure he'll get to see a lot more, he is a lifer. We met at the perfect time in our life, he got the partying out of his system ( for the most part) and I have done my share. I remember spending endless nights with him about women in met in Japen lol he was so in love he thought lol too funny now when i think about it.


Anyways, I'm glad I found this site. It helps out so much knowing others are Missing a Marine out there :) So ladies Brandon will be home from his deployment at the end of the month. I'm way excited. I have an awesome welcome home getaway planned for us ;) We need to make up for lost time <3 He will have fours days off as soon as he comes back then has to go back for a week then will be on a two week leave. I hope you all get to see your men soon!! I know how hard it is, especially when they are in Iraq or Afghanistan, not only do you miss them but you worry about their safety. Semper Fi girls, and stay strong for your Marine.....Take care and god bless!

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hi! nice to meet you! my Marine is in Afghanistan too, btu he won't be home til Nov., he just left about a week or so ago. welcome, i look forward to getting to know you better! congrats on the wedding!

Hey girl Im Tiffany Im 19 and my husbands name is Tanner he is 20..We just got married on January 2nd 2010..Congrats on the upcoming wedding!

Thanx!!!! <3<3<3


Thanx Ladies! and yes I'm so excited! I can't wait! Ohh the anticipation!!! :)

Nice to meet you! Im Sarah, my marine is Paul. I am happy for your upcoming wedding! Congrats!