New To This Site.. New To This Life.

Hello my name is Val and this is my first time to this site, or any site like this. I have been reading many of your stories. I am twenty years old and though my boyfriend is not a Marine  he is in boot camp right now earning his title. We are completely in love and when he gets out I am marrying him and the corps. All of your stories give such a good insight as to the life of a marine girlfriend/ wife. I know its going to be hard but a lot of you are so inspiring and you all should know that. I feel kind of stupid saying how hard boot camp is when your heart is overseas... but it is! One day I'll truly understand what deployment is like but for now bear with me as I get adjusted to this new lifestyle. If you have an advice or a heads up feel free to let me know.

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Hey My name is Tiffany Im 19 and my husbands name is Tanner he is 20.. We got married on January 2nd 2010... We have been through one deployment to Iraq.. and he is going to Afghanistan sometime this year... Boot camp is hard sweetie stay busy and write him every day.! Im here if you ever wanna talk.. Welcome.!

nice to meet everyone!! and liz- the week counting is good advice im totally gonna use it and i hope everyones man stays safe <3

hey girly im liz. my boy is brandon, he goes to afghanistan in about a week. i didnt go through boot with him so i dont know how that is but from the girlies on here id guess it was pretty rough. the only advice to give is to stay strong and if you guys really love each other it'll last through anything. also venting on here helps, so you dont take out your frustration/ sadness on him the few short times u get to speak to him. and keep yourself busy. for me instead of counting day by day i count week by week lol for some reason it makes me feel better. he'll be gone 28 weeks instead of 7 months or 210 days, see doesnt seem so long. anyway enjoy life and stay stong!! the girls on here have been really great so you found n awesome resource. :) good luck!

Hey val i'm storm and aj is my boyfriend. Congrats on the engagement just take one day at a time and we all here for u welcome and if u need anything please message me!

Hey There Val! First off I'm Nina. I wont lie this site has helped me way more then ever thought it would so hopefully it will be the same for you. My guy is at boot also at the moment. He actually will be home this up coming Friday, insha Allah. Him being gone has defiantly been much harder then I realized it would be but I will say it does get easier in some ways. Hopefully things get easier and this site helps you also. Feel free to e-mail me any time!!!!!<br />
Good luck and keep writing :)!!!!!

HEYYY VAL!! Im Kayla. My marine is Roman. He is stationed at Pendleton. We have been together 3 Yearss. Hes been a marine for 2 of them. and i will admit. Bootcamp seems like the hardest part... even when he was deployed i was still thankful for internet and phones lol. it a toss up... take 13 weeks with NO communication (other than letters). or 6 months with limited communication. welcome to EP. this really is a great site.. these ppl. these women. are wonderful. they helped me through a lot... i mean a LOT.... if you read some of my past stories you would understand. well im here for you anytime. :)

Welcome Val! Im Sarah, my marine is Paul. He is on his last tour in Iraq. So glad you found this site, its full of amazing women. Its is hard to miss your man no matter where he is. I hope you are doing well and good luck to your marine to be in boot camp :)