New To This :)

I'm new to this kind of thing.. so I'm not sure what i should say lol but anyways....

hey my name is elizabeth, I'm only 17 and my boyfriend is a marine. we've been together for only a few months and it feels like we've know each other forever. I know i am young, but i am completely in love with my marine and am behind him 100%. He is supposed to deploy in a few months... and I'm kinda worried.. (okay not kinda worried). My friends aren't really the best to talk to at the moment (since were juniors in high school we're all really busy) and I've been reading stories on here so i thought i'd give it a try. if you can offer me any advice about handling deployments or long distance relationships in general i'd be grateful ( i live in California and he's at the base in hawaii, so even if though he isn't deployed, i don't get to see him..)

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Hey Elizabeth!! Im Sarah, im 24, my Marine is Paul. He is in Iraq currently but will be home in about 4 or 5 months... Deployment is hard. But Storm said it best communication and trust are key. Not to say that you wont have your insecure days (and thats what we are here for)... But for the most part you have to just trust that you guys are meant to be and that it will all work out. Support him and be his best friend. If you can wait for him through all of it, then you two can get through anything!!! Good luck and Im here if ya wanna talk :)

Hi elizabeth my name is storm and aj is my boyfriend we both in hawaii and it looks like he's about to deploy soon as well. I think the most important thing is communication and trust then take it one day at a time and keep busy surround yourself with friends and family because they are the ones that will get u through the hardest times and we here for venting and understanding where u coming from! Good luck and if u need anything please message me.