Phone Call :)

My boyfriend, Kevin, is stationed in Oki but is currently in the Philippines, so i haven't spoken with him in a while.  I had gotten two facebook messages just telling me he got there and what not, but I have not held a conversation with him in AT LEAST two weeks, let alone on the phone.  Well at 2:30 this morning I was obviously asleep but something woke me up and I couldn't figure out what, so I looked at my phone to see what time it was.  I saw a bunch of weird numbers on there saying I had a missed call, but I was still asleep so I was confused as ****.  It was too many numbers to be from the United States, but I never expected it to be Kev because every time he had called me in the past it was UNAVAILABLE.

Well after looking at my phone for about three minutes I saw I had a voice mail and listened to it, obviously.  Once I realized I missed his call i got real sad, but halfway through the message he called me back :)

We talked for eight minutes <3

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2010

Aw i live for jasons calls i'm so happy for u!

Aw yay! I love those phone calls!

I got my phone call on Sunday for the first time in 9 days :) Hearing his voice makes my heart melt. Im so glad you heard from him :) The only bad thing about a phone call is after you hang up you know its going to be a while again til you hear from him again :( But his voice and the magic words will get you through~~~ YAY for phone calls!!!!