Tough Day

Today is kind of a tough day. My grandpa died a year ago today and i was devistated. he was the strongest man i knew and i loved him so much. my grandma (his wife) died when i was 7 and i miss her dearly. and my other grandparents who actually live right next to me dont really take an interest to much in my life or my brother and sisters. But anyways...he died a year ago and its really hard because the best friend i had there for me through all of that betrayed me and i no longer speak to, and charlie is maryland, and my best friend is in ohio so i just feel really alone today. Charlie called this morning because he knows what today is and he tried to cheer me up but im just really down. and i just needed to write about my feelings somewhere so i figured this was the best place to do it. Charlie was was suppose to find out where he gets based last week but they said that now he will find out this i really hope he finds out sometime soon!

wirtzgirlusmc wirtzgirlusmc
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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

Aw i know how u feel my grandfather died two years ago and then my gran died exactly a year after him they were the cool grandparents that my brother and i knew we could escape our reality and make everything better i miss them! But even though they not here they always with me. There's times when i hear thier voices saying no storm rather do that i know it in my head but still. They still with u sweety i know its hard!