alright i just need to let this out!

This chick names Shea has left 3 or so comments on my boyfriends facebook saying i miss you. I was fine with it thinking ya know not just me misses him so they're friends its alright if she tells him that like once. But this last time pushed me over the edge!

She wrote... dear mark, i miss you...just saying... love Shea

The weekend could not come fast enough for me to talk about this with mark! I'm going to be freaking out for the next 3 days because this girl has just pushed me to the limit! I may be just going crazy or overreacting but until i find out how close they are and all that crap that's how I'm going to be.

Sorry this is pointless but I'm just boiling right now!!

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4 Responses Mar 9, 2010

You Go Girl!!!!! trust is extremely important, and sounds to me like theres alot of that in your relationship! :)

I say use this. Some girl 'misses' your man but he knows that your genuinely missing him and loving him and he loves you for it. I would just use this to boost your confidence that you have this amazing guy and no one can touch it. Turn anger into confidence and work itt.

Oh no! I wouldnt worry about it. One thing about this life that we all know is that we have to trust! This girl might miss him but he MISSES YOU! You can see why she would feel this way, after all your crazy about him... Im sure he is an amazing guy!!! Try not to be angry with him and open minded. I know its hard. I am giving his advice only bc on Pauls wall about a month ago a girl wrote "I miss you bunches and bunches and call me soon :) I miss you". I was like HOLY HELL NO! I was sooo upset and didnt want to accuse or take it out on him so I waited... 3 days later I had an email that said, I miss you and wish we could talk on the phone but its 4 am your time and you get up in a few hours, Im gonna let you sleep... But I want to. Know that. I read his message and it soothed me. Then I checked his wall and he wrote underneath her comment, Thanks cuz, Ill call ya soon. It was one of his 180000 cousins that I hadnt met yet. LOL. So, I am so glad I didnt react. <br />
<br />
So stay strong. And trust in him. He LOVES YOU! OK, Im here if you need anything.

Calm down! :), Ive been hearing alot about all this facebook stuff...dont let that get to you! Chances are either she really does miss him...or shes just tryna cause problems. Just talk it out with your s/o, im sure its nothing to worry about!