Graduated Mct!!!

Today Hubby graduated MCT but now is stuck in Cali until tomorrow.. :( Tomorrow is his birthday, He will be 23. It really sucks not having him here and being able to go out to dinner on birthdays like me would normally do.. :( I did a little research and found out the next class doesn't start up til the 17th, so they will probably put him on camp guard. He isn't happy about that one. I don't know this or not but I really hope even though he will have Camp Guard, if they will allow him to have weekend liberty? I really hope so because our friends and I were going to drive over and see him for the weekend!! :) Hopefully only 6 more weeks and we will be stationed together. Having a rougher time than bootcamp though because being able to talk to him and then having to get off the phone makes it worse for me!! I know we are stong and will get though it though. Thanks Girls for listening and being here. I doesn't really help and means alot.

Everyone have a good Day!! :)

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Thanks for the info!! :) Hopefully will find out tomorrow!!! If we can't go this weekend we are going the end of the month no biggie but it would be nice to go NOW!! I haven't see him since graduation from bootcamp!

but may be different for him idk

no....that happened to my bf he had that for 3 weeks after MCT...its non stop being on watch....they get alittle break here and there not much sleep. the most time they get to sleep or alone time is maybe 3 or 4 hours but they dont get to leave.....we texted alot but calls werent very often but when we did talk the reception sucked but it wasnt that bad it was just 3 weeks.