So Lucas and I have been getting very serious. Like talking about marriage serious. lol I use to be a girl who was like **** guys and screw marriage but obviously with Lucas it's different. So, like, I am finishing school this month and I found a great extern site who is willing to pay me for half my hours. I plan on working with the doctor and possibly keeping my job at Origins. I'm not sure quite yet. I FOR SURE plan on moving out this summer, but I need to pay all my loans off for school and what not. Lucas' Sargeant has said that there was a shortage of MPA in the US so if he wanted to do that he could which would be AMAZING! Because that is what we had discussed. In a nutshell, he would be working at the recruiters office as a public affairs  BUT he also wants to do MCEP? I think it stands for the Marine Corp Education Program. Pretty much he is getting paid to go to school as a Sargeant, but he has to sign on for an extra eight years, which is fine by both of us. He then wants to pass over his G.I. bill to me BUT he also wants to at least take one class this fall. We have like a Plan A B and possibly C. I just want to see what you ladies think about our plans.


Plan A:

I finish school, and stay with the doctor I have right now and work with him. Move out and save as much money as I possbily can for our wedding. Leave the doctor next summer and have our wedding. Then I'd get out of work for three months and get our house/apartment whatever ready. I'd start school back in New Orleans and try to work at a doctors office.


Plan B:

I finish school and work with the doctor. Leave origins and go to school to become an RN. When we have our wedding in the summer, I'd stay in Dallas for a few extra months to finish the year of school and finalize everything with Dallas. Transfer over to Tulane and just go to school.


Plan C: Wait until Lucas' four year mark and then move to NOLA.


Either way our wedding is planned to happen next summer (even though we aren't even engaged right now. ha ha) and I will for sure finish school. Lucas will go to school to become an officer so we are PRAYING that he gets accepted in MCEP.


So  yeah.. lol what do you ladies think??

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Yeah, that's what Lucas wants to do MECEP to get a higher education and become an officer.

hmmm... those are all well thought out plans. i would say go with whichever is gonna allow you to save the most money... i think plan A sounds the most logical. when saving money you wanna stay in your comfort zone lol. less unexpected things come up. and if they already know you, takin off to make plans and have your wedding will be more simple. Roman and I were planning on gettin married in September. (we arent even engaged yet either.) but some unexpected things came up. not to mention my new medical bills. so we have decided we want to have at least 7,000 in savings after the move and the downpayments and what not. and at least 7,000 for the actually move. sooo we have alot of saving to do. and im gonna atleast finish my school here. then transfer to a school that will best suit my major. lol so yeahhhh im just saying all of this bc i had a friend up and move and things like that without thinkin it through all the way. and shes in such debt that she doesnt know what to do. sooo yeah... im glad your thinkin ahead. :)