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 today my bf is supposed to find out where he is going overseas, ( he requested to get stationed there) so i'm a little nervous but knowing the mc, he probably wont even find out today. anyway, after telling all my coworkers about my bf's decision to get stationed overseas they all were giving me a hard time. They we're saying stuff to me like "why would he leave you like that" and "i can't believe  he would choose that" i mean some of the stuff was pretty harsh. I never looked at this decision as him "leaving" me, if anything i also knew that it was something he wanted to do, he's that kind of person. He figures if he has an oppurtunity like that he'll take it. So i've come to peace with that. But now both of us are starting to kind of go into transition mode. He's kinda not wanting to talk about it as much,  because i think it's becoming real for him now. And i'm a girl so of course i wanna talk about it and stuff. I'm very excited for him to come home for 10 days before he goes but at the same time i think it's bitersweet for both of us and he doesn't really want to think about it. so it's just a weird time right now 

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As a Marine he wants to travel the world, that isn't a bad thing! and you will also get the opportunity to travel when you go visit. I think that's awesome he requested to be stationed overseas. He would probably have to go sooner or later and I personally would like my Marine to go sooner. My Marine was is Japan for 3 years, this is when we were just friends tho. It will make your relationship stronger and don't let your co-workers discourage you! Its a different lifestyle being a Military GF,Wife and Fiance. No one understands it unless you live it. Your Marine wants to see the world, probably one of the reasons he joined! So be Semper Fi girl and everything will be ok! :)