Part To Do With The Group And Part Not

So we have 3weeks left till family day and Graduation I'm so excited I can't wait to hold him in my arms and kiss his face he is my life my love my world my everything he makes me so happy no one can make me feel the way he does his letters mean everything to me :)........ My grandpa has be moved to lifecare and now has MERSA (staff infection) in his lungs, penumonia in his lungs, and now he has a cist in his lungs which they think is cancer and his dimensia is getting worse with being so sick god I don't want to loose him but i know its just a matter of time now waiting for the call that he is gone I want to see him but then again I don't want to because he won't recognise me and I can't touch him with MERSA we have to wear a mask gloves and gown to see him it sucks a** I just lost my stepgrandmother last year and sense her passing he has just been going down hill once he passes the family will probably not be together as much as now course it already started when my stepgrandmother passed they are what held the family together and my grandpa being him was refusing assisted living b4 they made him go to lifecare which not alot of people come out of to go to a nursing home if even that most don't come out still with us it just suck's without Arthur my fiance here to have his shoulder holding it in is hard but I don't have anyone else that I can cry on I don't have that comfort level with anyone else even my mom and esp. not my dad he's one of your average men can't handle emotion's the only time I have ever seen him cry is when his mom my real granny passed when I was ten other than that never and he doesn't have that great of a relationship with his dad they are just friends because of what he put my granny through when my dad was a kid cheating and moving them everywhere and my granny devorcing him when my dad was 3 he has no respect for him so this is going to be tough on my dad more than me because once his dad goes both of his parents will be gone and he isn't even 50 years old yet and my grandpa is like late 60's early 70's so my stress in through the roof without my other half here to cry on I miss him so much I can't wait for Family Day and Graduation to be here I love him with all of my heart <3 and soul he is my everything my happyness pray for me please my grandpa is probably not going to be here much longer =*(

shenell4ever shenell4ever
18-21, F
Mar 10, 2010