Phone Call!! & I Need Your Advice

so last night that 808 number showed up on my phone and it was my boyfriend!!! first time i heard his voice in a month and he sounded soooo good :) he said that he is doing fine - but he just wants to come home. he lost a lot weight because he's been living off of those MRE's for the past month so I'm just going to keep sending him food. he's been getting all of my letters too which is good. the mail coming back here is slow though because i havent received a lot of his letters but he said that hes been sending a lot...

so i have a bit of a problem & im not sure what to do. last weekend i went out for my friends birthday (she is my boyfriends cousin) and some of my boyfriends friends came along. one of them has been hooking up with my friend (the girl who's birthday it was) but he is such a bad guy - he's so hot and cold with her. like one day he talks to her and the next day he's ingnoring her. but anyway - my boyfriend doesnt trust him around me because he knows how he can be so he was asked me to stay away from him as much as i can while he is gone. so saturday was an exception because it was for my friends birthday. anyway, on saturday - his friend was totally hitting on me and making me feel so uncomortable. he just kept making stupid remarks that i know he wouldnt ever do if my boyfriend was there. he completly ruined my friends birthday because he just made her upset all night.. he was just hitting on every girl he saw (including me!) and paying absoultly no attention to my her. i dont know if i should tell my boyfriend. i deffinetly wouldnt tell him until he is back from his deployment because i dont want him to get upset about anything going on at home while he is over there. but even when he comes back - should i tell him??? i dont want to break up a friendship.... what do you girls think?

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I think he might have been doing it to make ur friend jealous. It might not be something to tell him untill he comes back IF he's still sorta with your friend. keep him aware though that you didn't take the advances, (cuz they're always worried bout that kinda stuff) and that you just want him to be aware. I don't think secrets are good, but clue him into everything your thinking or ...were thinking about it...when he gets back. I think he'll understand and won't be mad for too long if he knows you're willing to tell him everything. and point it out to him, how even though it's hard to tell him, you will. (when he comes back)

I agree wait and see what happens and if it does again ignore him he'll eventually find someone else! It just might be the way he is and if u feel uncomfortable stay away from him u always have a choice who u spend time with and this might be a once off. If he keeps doing tell him u not interested.

hmm thats a hard one but i actually just went through the same thing this past weekend. i got to go to san diego to see my boy and we were hanging out with one of his friends. everytime my boy left the room he said some seriously messed up things, like id so **** u if u werent with him and i want to make out with u right now and other things, totally hitting on me! i was so freaked out, this guy is supposed to be my boys best friend out there, the guy who is going to have his back in afghanistan and he freaking hit on me? its ****** up and i told brandon everything that happened because i wanted to let him know what kind of guy that was and that maybe he isnt the type of guy he should trust. brandon was glad that i told him and is currently not friends with him anymore and doesnt trust him. it really hurt him that he did that to him but hes glad he knows the type of person he is and that he cant trust him when his back is turned for a second. so my vote is tell him what happened. hope i helped good luck!! :)