Im New And Have Been Looking For A Support Group To Help Me To Cope With My Marine Being Away

Hi my name is emily and me and my marine have been together for two and a half years it will be three in august he is in hawaii right now and will be for the next three years. i miss him so much and noone understands how im feeling he is going to afghanistan in november and we are discussing getting married im looking into cosmetology school in hawaii or i might very well come back to colorado while he is deployed for school. we have been apart for five months almost and its the longest time so far. what have any of you found that made things a little better for you im very much depressed about him being away. I dont mean to sound whinny this is just hard as you all probably know so if you can please comment and let me know somethings. Thanks.
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:) this is really great i just feel so much better because i know that you guys are experiencing the same things or have gone through the same things already and it gives me a feeling of comfort to know there are other women that can help me to be strong.

those are helpful advice i love working out i just havent for awhile. thank you all so much today is an awesome day i talked to my marine last night and he is pretty sure about getting married which is good im excited :) my marines name is bryan and he is nineteen will be twenty in december and im eightteen ill be nineteen in november he is an 0311 infantry man or grunt so that scares me quite a bit.

Hey I'm Alicia im from Ga and my marine is also in Hawaii. He was stationed there last year right after he left Japan, so he has 2 1/2 more years there. So far the longest we have gone without seeing each other is a year. You don't sound whinny, you sound like the rest of us at one time or the other. I absolutlely agree with the other ladies, focus on you and your "you" time. When I'm having one of those days I grab my mp3 pla<x>yer and head to the gym for a hard core workout or I go to a fitness class, something fun to keep your mind occupied. Oh yea and cleaning is another great one!! <br />
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Keep your head up and stay stong and if you ever want to talk just message me. : )

hi im caitlin 19 chris is 20 and we are currently surviving our second back to back deployment....hes in afghan but when not there he is at pendleton....ummmm this deployment is 13 months sooooo he is due home in nov....any questions feel free to ask<br />
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and welcome

Welcome! Dont worry about being whinny. If there is anywhere to be whinny its here! When I get depressed I try to work out and turn all that energy into a positive thing. I clean my apartment and I listen to music that reminds me of him... I try to keep myself busy. Thats the best I have found. While he is away, focus on YOU. Bettering yourself. Its empowering and great way to not dwell on being depressed!<br />
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By the way, my name is Sarah and my Marine is Paul. He is currently in Iraq on a year deployment... He will be home this summer!!! I cannot wait. Stay strong, and Im here if ya need anything.