Wedding Question?

I am trying to plan our wedding but we both want a militarty themed wedding. I am looking at venues in California where he is stationed but how are we supposed to have a semi big wedding (about 150 people) if California is 2,000 miles away from where we are from you know? DId anyone else have this and then people stil came or can we just do a military themed wedding at home? This is the most stressful part and I can't talk to him to figure it out until he calls again.  please help

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4 Responses Mar 11, 2010

I'd just have it at home. People will less likely be able to come due to the cost of flying. I was going to have a destination wedding but I would want all of my family there. Yes, you can have a military wedding anywhere!

My brother had a military themed wedding. He had it in New York, where he and his wife grew up and where most of the family was. With an awesome maid of honor, and picture messaging phones it was easy for her to see everything that was being planned. They just came for a weekend and then went back home to where he was stationed. It was about 150 people too and it just worked out perfectly.

We had our wedding out here and it was a military themed wedding in that my husband wore his blues and friends atending did as well. However, we did not have the sword ceremony because my husband was not an NCO at the time when we got married. We had the ceremony at a winery/vineyard and our parents and siblings attended as well as a few friends. Our wedding was very cost effective in that we had gotten great discounts. I'm from Louisiana and my husband is from Oregon, so our family had to travel quite a ways.

i would like a military themed wedding also (suppose to be getting married in july) he's in Cali, and he's just going to come home for a weekend. I picked july 3rd so he has a 96 for the holiday haha.