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Hello ladies....I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to share something with you. As many of you know, I have been having a really tough time with this deployment and the lack of contact. It is so different from Iraq. It has been 2 months and I have yet to get used to it. I don't know if I ever will. Anyway....

I was talking to my stepmom tonight (a little background....I am fortunate enough to have 4 parents that love Mom and Stepdad and Dad and Stepmom) and she was asking me how my commute was going. I commute 5 hours roundtrip to work. I said it was ok. She asked how long I planned to do it for and I said I was going to try to stick it out until August when M gets home because we are going to move in together. She is very religious so I made sure to follow that up with "He is saving his combat pay to buy me a ring and we are going to get married shortly after he gets home." She said "I know." I said "What do you mean you know?"

More backstory: M's family is lame. On his last deployment they hardly emailed him at all and it really bothered him. I gave his email address to my closest friends, my Mom and Stepmom and my closest cousins so that they could email him to express their love and support.

So back to the story....she said "Oh I promised him I wouldn't say anything to you." I said "Oh now you HAVE to tell me." She said that he e-mailed her and said that when he gets home he wants to "have a serious talk with all of my parents." I said you are joking. She said Tracy how could I joke about something like that...........

So there you have it ladies.....when he gets home he is going to talk to all 4 of my parents (brave guy....) I am 99.9999% sure he is going to ask for their permission to marry me. I am so excited I cannot stand it. We have been together a total of almost 2 years. I am so ready. It is one thing for the 2 of us to talk about it, it is a complete different thing for him to bring it up (unprompted) to my family and beg them not to tell me about it. That sexy boy has something up his sleeve and I cannot wait to see how he plans to propose. I am jumping up and down with joy. This one little piece of information is enough to last me through this entire deployment. I am so excited I cannot stand it. I just wanted to share with my favorite ladies....



YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!:kiss ;):)

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bahahaha awww tracy thats why your my best friend lol bc you would tell ppl we are marring eachother!!! which im sooo down for!! lol i told mike i was your stand in bf and he said im glad she has you!!! so i got the green light! what what!! high five! and omg your gunna be the bestest wedding planner for sure! and the bestest auntie!!! hahha my kids are gunna come home from seeing you and be like "but auntie tracy said we dont haaaaaaavvvveeee tooo!!" lol <br />
<br />
and davids bridal for sure our next get togehter!!! omggg we should soooo plan that out soon!!!! im excited now!

Awww, I'm so happy for you. I'm glad that you have that peice of news to keep you occupied while hes gone. =)

Oh yes, Auntie Tracy will spoil those babies! I will be the best wedding planner ever because I won't put up with any ****. Everything will be perfect or heads will roll. You won't have to worry about a thing.The next time we get together we should go to David's Bridal and look for dresses. I will go buy a cocktail ring or something and we can just say that we are engaged so the ladies don't look at us like we are crazy.....or we could say we are marrying each other....THAT would really trip them out!! HAHAHAHA

ahhhhhh bc auntie cait is deff going to spoil those kids rotten!! lol :):):) buuuuuut i know you are gunna do the same to mine lol hahaha if you can stand my lil ******* kids hahaha....your gunna have pretty babies and i cant wait.... :D<br />
<br />
hahha emily no im not engaged chris and i are talkign marriage but tracy is the only one whose bf has contacted family. but both our men are deployed and werent home long enough to actually get the question out there and stuff soooo we both just know after the deployment we will be planning weddings together lol.....yayyyy i cant wait for you to help me tracy!!! your guna make it amazing i just feeel it and keep me sane! bahahahaha

Awwww Auntie Cait! That will be so cool! Why do I have the feeling Auntie Cait is going to spoil this child like no other?? :)<br />
<br />
I am getting ahead of myself...I am not even engaged yet and I am already talking about I know M wants them like now so I am sure it will happen soon. I cannot WAIT to plan my wedding and help Cait plan hers. I have been planning my wedding since I was like 7! :)

aaawwww yaaayy! congrats! haha and maybe you can do some secret wedding planning to keep you busy while hes still deployed. haha thats always fun, right? what girl doesnt like to dream up her perfect wedding?! <br />
congrats girl! :)

aw Trac and Caitlin i'm so happy for both of you really!! and i really hope this deployement gets better as well you both deserve to be really happy! Congrats again Trac

ahhhhhhh!!! omg trac!!!!!!!!!!! so happy for you! if he needs ideas on how to propose tell him to talk to me! i had two of my guy friends take my advice and their girls are sooo happy they did! lol. and i jesse and i are going to start having a baby by next fall. hm...our babies will be around the same age! lol<br />
can't wait to see you again soon! hoping jesse also gets home in august. we'll have to make plans!<br />
<br />
love ya!

yay imma have a little niece or nephew this time next year!!!! hell yeah!!! hahaha

Jussinne......yay girl I am happy for you! I cannot even describe this is nothing I have ever experienced before. I am going to be a married lady soon!! OMG!!! My Stepmom is SUPER excited because she has been wanting Grandkids for YEARS! M knows that I am closer with my Mom, but she is better at keeping secrets so I am sure he has probably told her something similar. She wants Grandkids too. Oh Lordy....why do I have the feeling that by this time next year I will be "31 and Pregnant" It doesn't quite have the same ring as "16 and Pregnant" does it? Sorry if I am not making sense ladies....I am just over the freakin' moon right now.......SMILES!!!!

Congrats. I had something similar happen.<br />
Patch has been emailing my mom, she's helping me plan my trip to Tokyo to see him, and he said that when he's back in WA in December that he'd like to talk with my parents.<br />
It's SO hard not saying anything, he doesn't want me to know but my mom accidentally showed me the email, I can't tell my friends because I'm worried it'll get back to him that I know.

ahhh girl you already know just how excited i a!! wedding planning here we come!!! ahhhhh we are both gunna get married!! soooo exciting!! we can help eachother!

Congrats :)

YAY! Congrats girl! this is so exciting :)