Just Checking In

Hey everyone, I haven't been around the last little bit, shortly after I joined, I fell at work and broke my fall with my fist. LUCKILY, i didn't break anything but I ripped up my kunckles something good, it still hurts.

Went about a week without hearing from Patch which worried me. He'd usually send me a message quick to let me know what was going on, Turns out he muffed up his lap top goooood. screen is busted, he can see less than a sixteenth of the screen and there is a fist sized dent in the keyboard, and he has no idea how it happened....

I'm really excited. I found out, accidentally, that I might have a new ring, other than my class ring, on my left hand!!.

My mom sent me an email Patch had sent her with some details about my trip and he said that he would like to meet with my parents when he's home in December, without me, he's told me in the past, when we were just friends with no thought of dating, that he'd meet with her parents first to ask for her hand and then surprise her. My mom feels bad about ruining the surprise. I told her that she didn't because I still didn't know when or how he was going to. This is going to make the year go by fast and sooo slow at the same time.

Jussinne Jussinne
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1 Response Mar 12, 2010

aw girl congrats on the upcoming prosal i swear parents are always more excited about engagements than what we are lol. i sorry about your fall i hope things get better soon!