Love At First Sight

hi, I'm new to the dating a marine experience. I met my boyfriend online and we talked for a month before we decided to meet in person. he waited a little while to tell me what he did, I think cuz he was scared. We've only been dating for 3 months but I know he's my one. We share so many little things in common, but we are also quite different in things like how we are raised and stuff. We talked a few times a day when we emailed and now we text eachother constantly. He hasn't been deployed yet because he just got back before we met. I don't know how I"ll handle it,but I know when it comes time, I will. we've talked about getting married at the end of the year when I graduate from college. it seems like its so far away, but then again its' already been a few months so it gets closer every day.

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Thanks. =) I wish you both the best too. feel free to message me about whatever.

So Cute!!! Im Sarah, my guy is Paul. We grew up together and even dated when we were young but drifted apart after Jr. High... He found me on FB while he was deployed and we started talking, then it lead to phone calls, then he came home on R & R. The rest is history. He is currently deployed in Iraq... So I know how it feels. Welcome to the group! You'll get all the support you could imagine from these girls! They are AWESOME!

thanks elizabeth. ^^ my man and I were both single for around 3 years, so I know I can handle the alone part. I tell him all the time when he questions how I'll be when he deploys again...I waited all my life for you, i'm not letting go. =) If you ever need to talk, let me know. I can't see your page, but feel free to message me whenever. =)

Thanks. =)

That's really how you have to think about it, you're one day closer.<br />
i've actually made calendars until I get to see Patrick and cross off each day and I'm just waiting patiently.<br />
We're glad to have you.