I Dont Know What To Do Help Me Please

ok so i know im marrying my marine but my mom dosent understand that i want to go to school in hawaii when he deploys because i will be able to be there when he gets home he is only gone for six months and the school in colorado takes nine months so that would be three more months we would be apart. i understand that she wants me to have a support system but im sure with the other wives there and working i can make friends. then she wants me to think about waiting to get married till he comes back from his deployment but thats not what we want we want to be together. I just dont know how to tell her im eighteen and the baby of six kids so she doesnt want to let me go. she has also said she thought we were rushing but i have explained that we arent because we have no reason to im not pregnant we know we want to be married and have been togther two and a half years. so im just really upset and dont know what to tell my mom i wann start my life with him and we may not have forever to do so.
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I guess it's your decision just make sure you don't regret it. But I think you should listen to what other have to say.

Just because you are not married does not mean you are not together.... Marriage is just a "contract." He will know that you are there for him, even if just engaged.

i appriciate your advice and i knew some of it i wouldnt nessecaraly like but its valid and you guys have a point it is a lifee changing decision i just wanna be there for him through it all thick and thin you know i dont want him to have to come home and be alone after something like that its just so hard and i could not message you unless you messaged me first your thingy said. i love him so much we taked about marriage after his deployment or when hes a sgt but that just seems so long and far away either way we will stay together we are currently weighing all the options and thinking about it a lot i just want to start my life with him you know.

hmmmmm i gotta agree with her on this one as far as waiting til after the deployment ONLY bc he will change....and i mean change a lot more than you think he will....you dont know what will happen or go down....but six months??? is this a MEU?? ultimately its your decision her backing you or not..just saying