Thank God its Friday, but to be honest I miss Paul so much tonight.  I am going out to eat w my two best gals and their boyfriends and then out for a drink.  I know I am just gonna wish Paul could be here.  Ughhh, I feel like I am not even going to be good company.  They are all going to drive me nuts with their lovey dovey cuteness.  Sorry, Im just being completely bitchy.  I just want him home so bad right now, So I can go to his house, and lay my head down in his lap and let him run his hands through my hair...and kiss me and tell me we dont have to go anywhere, just sit at home in our pajamas and eat ice cream and do nothing.  I miss my baby.

sittingwaitinwishin sittingwaitinwishin
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4 Responses Mar 12, 2010

I am!!! I woke up and walked around New Orleans in this beautiful weather, went and worked out and got a Naked Pizza for tonight, about to go rent a movie and relax!!! Hope your day is GREAT!

that was me last night too girl!!! i felt like my whole body hurt because i just wanted my man home sooo badly to spend a stormy friday night cuddling with me. I was def. in a slump. <br />
<br />
I hope youre having a better day =)

It wasnt as bad as it could have been. They avoided talking about Paul which is good and bad. I cant blame my friends tho... Its not them... Its me, I just want him to be here so bad... GOD DAMN I miss him... Tonight it literally hurts.

so know how you feel, i cant bring myself to hang out with couples anymore lol, i miss just sitting on the couch snuggling too. stay strong!