Another Update

So there are like 25 days left until i go to Zach's graduation and i'm so excited that we've almost made it through boot. Today has been one of those days where not a whole lot is going right. i had some issues in the morning trying to see if i had anything to take to San Diego to wear and had nothing, then i went tanning hoping it would calm me down and help me relax. I put in my headphones and enjoyed my 20 minutes of tanning, only to find out when i got out of the tanning bed and looked at my phone...i had gotten a call from Zach while i was tanning and MISSED IT. It's been killing me all day that the one opportunity that i had to talk to him, i missed bc i was in the tanning bed and didn't hear my phone ring =[ i just need some input here...i'm freaking out that he's gonna think i missed his call for another reason and idk i just feel like a horrible gf...the best part of the day was that he did leave a voicemail for me and hearing his voice was the best! i'm just ready for these last few weeks to be over so i can be there! hope all of your weeks went well! Semper Fidelis<3

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

and don't feel like a horrible girlfriend your letters probably got him through bootcamp!

I missed my boyfriends receiving call by 3 minutes I know the feeling. I can't believe you got a phone call during bootcamp... I'm going through it right now and its awesome that you got a voicemail! I still have a long time to go but 25 days thats so close!