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  I am new to this whole thing, I introduced my self last week but again my boyfriend is in bootcamp. I was wondering what is the difference between boot camp and basic training? Lol, I really don't know much just trying to get the basics down. Thanks !!

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bootcamp is the Marines....no one else has boot camp. Marines are the only branch that make their recruits EARN their title....in basic you get it. ummm our boot camp is 3 months long with only contact being letters[[well pretty much]] and in basic you can earn phonecalls.bootcamp is ment to break you and rebuild you it tends to weed out th weak really quick, it rigorious its draining emaotionally and physically. but that what you do you get thru boot so you can EARN your EGA and the title of Marine.

they do a motivational run and you cheer them on and then thee drill instructors talk to you in the morning and after the marines leave to do other stuff you go to an autotoriam and they talk about graduation day and the rules. whatever you do dont stand in their grass they get mad at you lol. then you get like four to eight hours with your marine im not sure how much it is lol,you get to eat lunch with them and walk around with them. then they have to back to formation and you leave and come back on graduation day watch them graduate and then they are yours for two weeks.

oops i wrote everyday but I only sent 3 in one envelope lol So thanks for the tip I don't want to make it harder on him. ok second question what is family day?! Is there like special activities or do you just get to see them?

what i have heard is that boot camp is tougher and more physically and mentally challenging on them. They also have the crucible in boot which is a three day training excersise where they do some training stuff then they climb a huge mountain hill thing with only two meals for those three days and like eight hours of sleep. the graduation is awesome i think i loved it and family day then they usually get to come home for two three weeks which is great. im here if you need anything and my name is emily :) write lots of letters not every day but like two times a week they look forward to them and they love knowing you support them. the only reason you shouldnt every day is because i heard that they get crap from the drill instructors and other recruits.