Hey Daddy....

Wow... the dreams I have been having are so vivid.  I had a dream I gave birth to a baby girl and if you can imagine an infant with all adult features... almost like I cut and pasted J's face onto her head.  It was the scariest mother f'n thing in the world! Best part was the docs walked me and my mom to the nursery to the baby for the first time in my dream and I was like WHOA! "She looks like a venus fly trap." LMAO I really said that!  I turned to my mom at one point and was like this baby is cute, this one too.... do you think they'll let me trade her?" I woke up so mad at myself saying, DAMN I'm not a mom and already I feel like a bad one! I was talking to my stepmother afterwards and we were talking about how no matter what your kid looks like, to you, they are beautiful. 


Anyway.. I know that was completely random.  The weather sucks here so I've been in all day.  I'm listening to my favorite "reflection songs", one being The Cinematic Orchestra "To Build a Home."  Any other random thoughts... BORED!!!!


Oh the significance of Hey Daddy was it was the song on at the time I wrote this.

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1 Response Mar 12, 2010

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA oh my goodness hahahahaha. that is hilarious. I always have really WEIRD vivid dreams. They're awesome, it's like I'm watching tv in my sleep every single night. :)