Girls.. I Need Help..

okay.. so my marine has heart problems.. like not good from what he tells me..

he is on 30 days light duty.. aka office *****.. one thing that he is definently not good at.. he hates sitting around and not doing anything.. like more than you could imagine! he goes in for more tests on monday i guess.. but from what he says its not going to turn out well..

also.. he says he is thinking that they are going to medicaly discharge him..

i would love to have him with me.. but i am not selfish..

i know that that is what he does not want at all.. i know that he wants this job and he wants to serve.. and i want to be waiting for him when he comes home from doing the job that he wants to do.. 

idk what to do.. i want to be with him so bad.. i just want to wave a magic wand and have everything all better.. i am so confused on what to do and especially on what to say.. i am torn so bad right now.. i need advice.. please..  

mplen09 mplen09
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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

well first off i hope he ends up ok! i think you just gotta be there for him, im sure its hard on him thinking he may not be able to do what he wants to do. this seems like a hard situation, dont get your hopes up that he's going to come home though. just be there and be willing to listen to him when he's pissed off because im sure he is lol. honestly i wouldnt know how to deal with this either because id love if my boy could come home but like yours he would hate that. good luck with everything! hope your boy is ok!!