:(( Sooooo I Need A Friend.

okk.. soo many of you have heard me rambling on an on about goin to vist roman in april. and some of you may remember me talkin bout my really good friend from school (michael) which is also romans best friend... been together since enlistment. getting married. he was completely bummed about not being able to come.. but got off work last minute and i paid for him to come here instead of me there. :( im totally depresed.. but its what he wanted... and Roman was the best man and didnt even get to come. sooo did i do the right thing... wouldnt it have been selfish of me not to?? and if so then why do i feel so ughh... now hes going to be able to be at the wedding... probably not the best man... bc he will be here at like 6:15 with any luck and the weddings at 6:30....

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3 Responses Mar 13, 2010

you did the right thing. I would have done it too.

thanksss that makes me feel ALOT better :)

awww, i'm sorry :( but thats an awesome thing you did for him! i bet it means alot to him