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Me and Alex have been dating since 12 September 2009. He isn't quite a Marine yet, but he leaves for bootcamp in August. He is the most incredible man I have ever met, and he's wanted to be in the Corps for years. I can't wait for the day where I can have the honor of calling him my Marine<3
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I'm from longisland too!

Thanks all. It really means a lot. Alex is going to Parris island for boot... We're in New York, long island actually.. His original boot date was 3 August but he got it changed so he could be here for my birthday on 17 Aug..

hi im caitlin 19 chris is 20 we are currently doing our second back to back deployment he is in afghan right now [[first deployment was iraq]] this one is 13 months we are 5 months in, and we are both in cali...<br />
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welcome message me with questions

I realize that there are many words missing in my comment I'm blaming losing an hour of sleep! sorry ahha

Hey, I'm Val my boyfriend is in bootcamp right now so all the anxiousness before he leaves because I just experienced it. My guy is going infantry soon and let me warn you that his bootcamp date got moved about five times before he actually left so this may or may not happen to you. Cherish all your moments before he leaves cause it sneaks up on you! Is he going to California or North Carolina for bootcamp?

hey im emily eighteen my marine is nineteen he is infantry as well it scares me to death we have been together since august of 06 and he is in hawaii right now im in colorado he leaves for afghanistan in november. the girls here are great and there are older women to that know about deployments and give great advice evryone is supportive here. they are honest and sometimes tell you what you dont wanna hear but its good advice always and it comes from the heart welcome by the way.

Thanks elizabeth :) I'm Kerri by the way. Im almost 16 and alex is 18. I just don't know what I'm gonna do without him and his primary job choise is infantry and I worry so much :( luckily he's doing DEP so we have til august... But even so... I can't imagine how hard it's gonna be :(