Cali Here I Come!

My Marine is at MOS school in 29 palms right now, we were on the phone earlier when he suprised me by saying he wanted to fly me out there for easter. I'm in MI so thats a long, and expensive plane ride. I was wondering if theres any websites you guys kno where i can get a cheap flight? no cheap but you know... lol and any 29 girls, what is the nearest airport? i'm sooo excited!

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The closest airport is Palm Springs, and even that is about an hour and half's drive from the base. :( Be prepared to pay about $200 in cab money if you don't have a ride to the base from the airport. And then you'll have to take the ride back to the airport too! D;<br />
If you're looking into flying to another airport, just be prepared for ride! It'll be a long one! <br />
29 Palms isn't that bad if you book ahead of time. My fiance's round trip was about $300 when he was on leave in December.

Ontario, and yes its a round trip

Its 700$ to fly into Ontario or Palm Springs? And is that round trip?

oh and as far as wedding plans, they're not going so well lol. he's at MOS and his classes havent picked up. and of course they dont tell him when they pick up, soo kinda hard to plan a wedding when i never know when he's coming home. i'll have 3 months to plan though whenever we find out, so i can do it. i'm hoping july august of september though.

ughh now i'm not even coming! lol prices are redic, 700$ for a flight? theres no way i'm letting him pay that much for me. ohh welll :( i'm booking a flight next week, so i can see him memorial day weekend instead but thanks everyone for letting me know. (:

yes closest airport is Palm Springs but it would be cheaper to fly into Ontario....its expensive to fly into Palm Springs because it is a very small airport. I live close by so if you need anything let me know :)...the Weather is Beautfil here so your gonna love it!

The closest airport is in Palm Springs (its about an hour away) but most people that live out here fly into Ontario (which is probably just over and hour and a half drive) because of the price difference.<br />
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I think my husband and I use but I'm not positive on that.

closest airport is probably palm springs. (not positive on that) it would be hundreds of dollars cheaper to fly into LAX or San Diego.. but thats a long drive either way. so if do decide to go cheaper and fly into a major airport, take rush hour traffic times into consideration (3pm-7pm ish). And somebody would have to pick you up. Palm Springs would be way easier, but also much more $$. you'd probably end up with a layover in phoenix if you went to palm springs. <br />
but I'm not at 29, so somebody probably knows better than me. Have a good trip!

hey hun. also try and click on travel. i've booked some flights through them already. so far so good. how are the wedding plans coming along? ;)<br />
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look at priceline and expedia those two usually have good prices.