Home From Boot And Things Just Keep Getting Better!

 So I have posted two stories before about how while my guy was at boot we told each other we love each other and about the debate of being together. Well he graduated this Friday and I was able to see him Saturday. I had spent ALL night on the phone with him Friday neither one of us slept at all. I decided to come pick him up on Saturday so that he could spend the night. When I pulled up to his house I was completely freaking out he was already running to my car. So in the Middle of the street I threw the car in park and ran up to him.  There it was that ‘kiss in the rain moment’.  From that moment on it was all over we couldn’t stop kissing and what not; then the moment of truth came.  The conversation we had been waiting months to have came up. The ‘together’ talk. I was so nervous I stuttered through ever word I said and he was obviously a bit shaken also. Well after a few quite romantic and highly emotional words we are doing this!!!! No longer to I have to call him some cryptic name that lets people know that I’m not on the market and I am committed to some one but now he is MY BOYFRIEND! We have danced around this for a year and a half ago and have been in love with each other for the last year. Now it is finally here! I honestly could never of expected things to go this well. Everything has been completely perfect! I feel like I’m in the perfect love story. Every moment with him has been beyond perfect. I thought I should keep yall informed since you have seen me tweaking about different stages of him and I talking whiles he’s been at boot and dealing with our relationship. Everyone has helped so much! I am so excited. Every moment since he’s been back things have just gotten better and better.  I am so glad that he got recruiters assistance so I can have him for a month before he leaves! Oh does anyone know how long after MOS school till he would be able to come home again? One more then last night when he was asleep but I was still wired he kept trying go coke me and occasionally lightly hit me in the face while sleeping. He never use to do this before he left. Has anyone else noticed this change? I know its silly but it kept waking me up! haha Well thanks for listening to my story, I am just SOOOO darn excited! 

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Awww!!!! How adorable!!!! Im glad things went so well between you guys!! And yay for RA! But after MOS supposedly, depending on where he is stationed he may be able to go home on the weekends. I think he can also get RA after MCT..not so sure ab after MOS, but since he already got RA after Boot, then hes probably not goin to get it again. But then again, they also get holidays and whatnot!

how exciting! best of luck to you two! stay strong, focused, and everything will fall into place. if you ever need to talk. feel free to message me. :)<br />
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