Missing Him

So I am new to this site, I just found it tonight and started to read some of your stories and i feel the exact same way as all of you out there. I am 20 and my marine/bf is 21 and we have been going out for nine months, but we have known each other since we were sixteen. It has been a weird and complicated relationship. But all that matters is that we both truly love each other. He has been in the marines for two and a half years now and is now currently stationed in afghan. he has been there for five months. This is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with and there are days like today where I truly dont know how to deal with them at all. He will hopefully be coming home in four and a half months but that seems so far.

I am having a hard time handling this, I have talked to everyone I know, but I feel like they are getting sick of hearing about it and just wanna drop it. Do you guys have any advice to make this any easier? I write to him constantly and wait around for emails or phone calls at night. When I am in school this is easier cuz I am busy with that, but I am on spring break so I have way to much time to just relax and think which is never a good thing at all.

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that is def. a good rule to go by. I am gonna try it I think becasue everything just seems to be moving slowly.

aw dont think the worse jsut knoe that bad news travels quicker then good, im on spring break right now and let me tell you it sucks not been busy luckily i have a job so its really not that bad ! and well i have a rule no count downs untill it gets really close it helps not knowing how many days but welcome to the siteee!! let it all out if you even wanna talk message me!!

Hey every- thank you so much for the advice, I think I am going to put together a care package, I havent done that since his birthday. but sarah, that is exactly how I feel, the worst is if he doesnt call for a week, I automatically think the worst, which I know I shouldnt but its human nature, and get really bummed. I get to communicate with him I would say a decent amount. He tries to call once a week but it doesnt always work, and once in a while he will be able to get an email out to me. But he is defiently not good at writing letters so I have to be patient and wait for technology to work on his end which doesnt always happen.

Hey girl. Welcome to the group! Im Sarah, mine is in Iraq, so he is deployed also, but I know it is nothing like Afghanistan. I get upset when 10 days go by without a phone call. I get insecure all the time wondering if he is thinking about me, and most importantly if he is safe or if he is in hell. So I know all about those feelings. My only advice is to keep doing what you are doing, staying busy and focusing on you. Have you gotten much communication from him? <br />
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Stay strong, maybe send him a care package, that always feels good and it will give you something to focus on during Spring Breaks that will make him so happy when he gets it. Just a thought. Anyways, if you need anything... I am here.

I'm only going through bootcamp right now but I pack out my schedule. I only live an hour away from New York City so I plan city/brooklyn day trips a lot. I also planned a weekend away with the girls. Trying to find things closer in time to look forward too helps so in stead of 2 and half months till graduation!! Its... 5 more days till nyc...one month to VA. Hope it helps I'm new to this whole lifestyle.