To Be A Marine...

I have come to realise that many of the women on this site are still in college or even highschool, with their Marines enlisting right out of highschool or just being older by a few years. I'm wondering, have any of you ladies even wanted a career in the Corps as well? I do. I wanna fly AH-1 cobras or supercobras. Crazy dream, I know, but Alex helped me delve deeper into the realm of military life and I have found that I love it. I'm curious if there are any other females out there with a similar dream.
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4 Responses Mar 15, 2010

I understand at 16 your not ready for kids. I have about 7 years on you. I'm 23 and have been married a year and so I'm looking forward to having a kid

i have thought about joinging the navy a long time ago like 3 years ago, it was a smart thing to do...i would get to go to school and all that but honestly for me it would be way way to hard for me AND chris to be in and i can be a nurse outside of being enlisted....i just want to go to school and learn he wants to be the Marine ill let him and just be ther person he depends on and loves whole heartedly....and like heather when we start a family, i want to be there for my kid...and its hard enough with him in but to have both of us in i coouldnt do it

Very true, but I'm not thinking about kids at the moment, seeing as I'm only 16 and Alex is only 18. But someday i will and i'll meet tht obstacle when it comes

I think there are a couple girls here that want to join or at least there were. I am definitely not one of those women. My husband and I cant wait to add to our family and when that happens I cant picture being anywhere than with my child for at least its first year so that its me raising my child and not anyone else. I do want to work but I want a flexible schedule and the military is definitely not flexible.