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on february 13th ryan asked me to marry him :) and are happily engaged now...well i guess some of you girls are wanting to know how it happened?? lol sooo he had a 96 that weekend and came home to visit and pack up a bunch of our stuff to bring it to jacksonville. we were planning on going out for valentine's day and he had a nice supper and some other things planned well there was supposed to be a snow storm coming in that day so he had to leave a day early which scratched all those plans he had made =/ well saturday night we were all just sitting in the living room and all of the sudden he jumped up and started running up the stairs to his room and i yelled at him and asked what he was doing and he replied with none of your business and me being me i hoped up and ran after him he shut and locked his bedroom door before i could catch him and kept telling me he was doing nothing so i just stood outside his door knocking and finally he gave in and openeded the door, he looked like something was on his mind so i asked him what was up and still he said nothing then i walked over to his bed and sat down and he came over sat next to me gave me a huuuuge hug and kiss and told me how much he loved me and pulled the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him :) :) i kept saying omg! are you serious? nuh huh really lol and he was just like yes baby will you?....and of course i said yes! it was the sweetest thing i wouldn't have it any other way...afterwards we went downstairs and showed his family and everyone said they already knew it was coming so it wasn't a surprise for any of them lol even my family knew about it!...i was surprised they were all able to keep it from me.

so for the past month i have been busy busy busy with wedding planning because we are getting married next month! april 30th :) and all this running around and calling have been making me stresssed out to the max and not to mention i have had work and school to deal with while trying to do this, luckily my parents have been super helpful with all of it and we almost have it all done! i have my dress picked out :) bridesmaids, tuxes, flowers, bouquets, photographer, caterer, dj, church, reception hall, alcohol, invitations and tooons more. i'm very happy with everthing i have done in the past month, i never realized how much work this is! i'm glad i get to get all the planning over with soon, i don't understand how people can put years into planning i can barely stand these 2 months haha

tomorrow is my last day of college here in ohio :) i have one final at 5:30 then i'm free!! then that leaves wednesday to finish packing cause i'm moving to jacksonville thursday morning!!! i can't wait to see my fiance, he has been in fort bragg for 2 weeks and gets to come home early because he is having knee problems, back in boot camp he sprang his mcl, and lately it has been bugging him alot so they are sending him back to lejeune and he will be on crutches and may have to have surgery after the wedding...he thinks i'm leaving friday to come down so he'll be surprised when i show up there thursday night :) i hope i don't let it seep out and can keep it a secret! he's already been bugging me to come earlier and i have been making up excuses on why i can't, i feel so bad not telling him but i know thursday night will make the little "white lies" worth it and he won't mind!

it's so crazy how life can change in a blink of an eye, in a matter of a year i met the man of my dreams, 2 weeks later he was deployed for 7 months, came back got engaged 3 months later, moving to nc in 3 days and now in 46 days i'm getting married...its a crazy life but i wouldn't have it any other way, i'm the happiest i have been.

sorry for dragging on ladies...hope you all are well! for those of you with deployed marines i will keep them in my prayers and for those of you with marines in the states but can't be with them, i wish you strength to make it through the distance <3

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just read this, congratulations! My friends and family think my marine bf is going to propose but I am not sure haha!!

Aw Congrats sweetie.!! Im so excited for you..You moving to North Carolina? Glad to see you are having a nice/big wedding.! I did to.. =)

thanks everyone!! you ladies are great :)

awww soo exciting!

aww congrats love!!! and i'm with ya. i only had 3 weeks to plan my wedding! lol. if you need help let me know! :)<br />
<br />

that i so cute and exciting congratulations i hope to be marrying mine soon in october of this year thats great good luck :).

thank you :) :)

:-) that's great! I'm happy for you!