Military Friends....

I know with Bob being in the military there certain sacrafices you make and situations you deal with that the average relationship will never come close to encountering.... but I forgot that making friends in the military kinda works the same way....  I just found out that the one couple bob and I always hung out with when at lejeune can new orders!  They and their daughter are moving to 29stumps in August!!!  I'm kinda upset about that, they are awesome people and I will miss them dearly!!! Luckily they are not leaving til August and bob will be back in june so we will be able to see them before they leave..... but it just sucks knowing that its coming....


also if you missed my other story I got to SEE Bob today via Skype!!!!!  I was so happy i actually cried!!! lol!!

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2 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Skype is pretty amazing! My husband and I were finally able to get it to cooperate with us and on Friday I got to see my husband for the first time since he got to Afghan, I was almost in tears. And the friend thing definitely sucks.

i did miss your other storyyy. thats greatt tho... i sent my marine back to california this morning.. :( ughh and i know how that military friend thing sucks... im not living on base with roman. but i have friend at the base here in texas. and they got new orders to... :( it really sucks... sorry girl.