okkkkkk soo as many of you know i still live at home with my parents. (romans request, he doesnt want me living alone).


i posted a story a couple days ago about how i traded my vacation to cali to see Roman, to fly him here for just one day for his best friends wedding. i sent him back today... :( *thats the bummed part*



my parents have always always been supportive of our relationship. 100%. but they insisted it was just a puppy love kinda fling. and that i wasnt serious about it. they didnt think we were gonna get married. and you know. but after i flew him here.... (plane tickets last minute, cost more that my plane tickets && motel room. and basically my whole trip to cali lol) but my mom pulled me aside and told me and i quote. "that was the most selfless thing i've ever seen you do. you proved to all of us that you really do love him and your willing to do anything in you power to make him him." she asked me if my trip to cali was worth my whole paycheck?? i was like of course. isnt it always worth it to spent time with your marine? so she told me that after what i did she was completely conviced and fully suppored us from here on out.  she told me if i hand her my pay check from here till then, then she would match it. and if i was completely committed to it i would have the money to go. :) that meant so much to me... not  the money so much as the support. i just wanted to share that with you. :)

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Thanks fantastic! I'm slightly jealous of you! :3 My parents are nowhere near as supportive! You're a lucky girl (:

awww thats sooo amazing!

i'm also still living with my parents, jesse's request also til he returns from afghan. but aw that's awesome hun!! yay! :D

thats awesome girl!

im super super super excited that i might still get to see my honey next month. lol

awww yay for your mom being super supportive...i lov love love to hear this!! im happy for you girll!