so its been a good while since i got on here. the last two weeks have been really hard. me and my marine got married about 3 weeks ago which was by far the happiest day of my life. 2 days after the wedding he had to go back to base which was really hard. then that next weekend one of my friends boyfriend who happens to be friends with him sent her a video of zack with another girl. he was drunk and he admitted this wasnt the first time it had happened. he said its how he "copes" with being away from me. i call major B.S.. it would be totally different if he hadnt went through this b4 but b4 he joined we had a probably with girls calling and txting and having "lunch dates with friends"

i just dont know what to do. i dont know how much more i can take until i break.

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thats what HIS dad told me this morning. i had breakfast with his family cause i wanted to let them know what is going on. and they all said it wasnt going to be easy and he was going to try and fight everything that i say and do

thats the game plan but im not really sure how all this works lol but he will stil have to sign stuff and at this point hes saying he aint signing anything

Since you've only been married a short time can you get it annulled instead of filing for divorce?

yea i kno i have been lookin into it. its a pretty gay process. and i have to get the A** hole to sign. i swear id he gives me any problems i may take yall up on that offer and we will all 3 take turns beating the S*** out of him :))

hahhahahaha omg i <3 you!! you are handling this soooo well! and i do think u should give his name to emily so she can beat the **** outta him for you, since she'll be in the area! stupid little ***** really said u need him? yea u need him like u freakin need herpes. hun you'll find a gorgey amazing guy and he'll be sitting there all alone over there with no one to call and he'll know how bad he ****** up. sry u gotta get divorced now lol thats a pain

yea he siad that i need HIM i was like o but no honey. when you are over seas layin awake at night trying to find out when your life went wrong and why you aint getting letter and packages... you can think back to the many nights you had you d*** in that B****.

He seriously said that you need him? Really. Oh Nu uh, if he were trying to apologize he should be saying that HE needs YOU in his life. You deserve so much better than what he's been giving you.

o yes the last message i got was..."baby i love you so much i was stupid and YOU need me in your life...." <br />
<br />
ha yea that one made me laugh!!! hahah!!!<br />
<br />
my reply was... " ok F***er. #1 im freaking glad you messed up cause now i can find someone who needs me in there life. someone who is going to be there to bail me out of jail when i kill you you sorry A** morther F***er!!"<br />
<br />
haha i feel so much better :)

lol yea i pretty much told my friends i will ALWAYS support the marines but my gosh i dont really support him right now. it dated him before he joined and have supported him for the past 3 years. i will be D***ed b4 i take this S*** again. i mean i aint braggin but im not ugly. i was the best thing he will ever F***in get!! o and we took pics of me hitting the baseball and photoshopped his head into it. he should get them today haha

Oh man. I am so stunned at this whole story and so sorry you are going through this!!!! However, sounds like you go a handle on it! Bye bye douchebag, hello single life! The comment about supporting him bc he is in the military F THAT! Seriously, its not like you dated him bc he was in the military in fact, as we all know, its a hell of a strain on a reltionship... SO F THAT! You've got the right idea, I wish you could have sent him a video back of you pawning your ring and going to the batting cage looking all sassy! Lol! Go girl!

haha o know. i mean i have took him back twice after he had cheated but that was before we were married. after this i am done!

babahaha i love you girls on here. all my friends were like you really should just listen to him and forgive he. hes fighting for your freedom you know. ha i say good luck in afgan F***er! haha that was mean. <br />
<br />
and yes this is my favorite stage to. i went to a batting cage last night and just hit balls like crazy. <br />
<br />
and yea the money i got for my ring is going to be put to good use anyone feel like going drinking for 5 rounds are on me :)) haha

Hell yea! Lmao Iove that u pawned your wedding ring! Wow really he couldn't wait like 2 or 3 weeks for u to move there? What a pathetic little man! Hun u go out<br />
and get you a real man! One who isn't a piece of **** like that guy! Don't even let yourself get upset, he'll end up alone and sad, no one wants a cheater! What a freakin little *****! I <3 u and u are amazing for being this strong! Also good job kicking him in the nuts last time lol.

o honey dont worry its a good thing he does live 9 hours away from me. the thing that is so funny is i had just turned in my 2 week notice at work and was going to move up there. but screw that s***. at first i was really said. then i went and got really drunk lol then i mailed him my wedding band. pawned my engagement ring :). that was fun. and now i am just really pissed. i mean i am just mad at myself for trusting him again. the last time this happened i kicked in the nuts lol and if i could get there the marines would be short one cause i would kill him as his WIFE that is one of my rights i believe lol but now not only am i happy he messed up i know other guys are cause they are like since you are single again get at me. and he is just going to love hearing about that cause i will make sure he does. :) i think i am in that stage where is hasnt really hit me all the way i just think its so funny

please do! if brandon did that i would ******* kill him, and if he had yelled at me for yelling at him for cheating on me i would have been like are u ******* kidding me, drove to where ever he was and ******* punched him in the face, but thats just me lol. and if he doesnt know how to deal with missing u then he shouldnt be in a long distance relationship or he should make plans so that u guys can move in together since you're married now but uhhh at this point i dunno if being married to him is the best thing for you. u shouldnt be this sad u got married 3 weeks ago you should be happy but that ****** messed it up. sorry this makes me soo angry that he did that to you! grrr

o yes it is totally ****ed up! yea as soon as i saw it i called him and left him a voicemail cause i knew he would be at work and wouldnt be able to answer cause i really knew i didnt need to talk to him right then. it was pretty much went like this..."hey F'er i saw the D**n video and i know what the hell you did. i thought you were changing. well i hope that p***y was worth losing the best thing you will ever have. **** you!." <br />
<br />
then he called and yelled at me for yelling at him. then i cried he "felt bad" called me back and was like baby im sorry i just dont know how to deal with missing you... i was like how bout call or txt me A** hole! <br />
<br />
sorry i think i am kinda venting lol

cheating is not coping, its giving up. he's not a strong guy and he doesnt deserve you, you just got married 3 weeks ago and he's cheating on u already? thats complete bs. sorry thats blunt but thats soo ****** up and im so sorry you have to go through that. did u talk to him about the video and that u know?

that was my thing i was like "coping" really i mean i would rather him just come out and and be like yes i cheated yes i was wrong and it wont happen again. but if that is how he copes you are right i deserve so much better. and i am not saying that i am 100% perfect but i was rasied watching my parents and gradparents love each other everyday. my dad drove a truck for a long time and the way he handled being away from us was he called or emailed. it wasnt sleeping around or going to play with other kids. i just am sick of it

If thats how he "copes" then you deserve better than that. My husband and I did the long distance dating thing and his way of dealing with the distance was to spend so much time talking to me that the guys gave him crap for it. There are many things he could do to cope that do not involve cheating on you. He could go out with the guys and have a drink, play some pool, small things like that.<br />
<br />
Thats not coping, that him not being able to keep it in his pants.