I'm Done With Him. Goodbye Ep!!

Some of you have perhaps known that I took a month long break from this relationship when he was at MCT. He lied to me and hid some important facts from me plus a wholeee lot of other sh*t.

It took me one month of this break to realize that I don't need him. I loved him SO MUCH. I would do absolutely anything for him. When he came back from boot I got ignored, figured out he hid a crazy ex from me, he smokes, etc etc.

He can SAY he loves me, but these are just simple words. Words are meaningless unless they are accompanied by genuine ACTIONS of love. He did shower me with love before he left for boot, and I honestly think that we're too young to be in a serious relationship. He needs to man up and be mature. I know he did love me though. That's a fact. But he's not treating me right so screw it.

I want a man to make sure that I know that he loves me and who truly takes care of me. I'm actually not upset about this. I'm mad. I've never gotten this mad before cuz I don't really open up to people. I know it'll be alright though, cuz I'M HAPPY!!! I don't need to be surrounded by sadness when he's gone or ignoring me. Personally, that took a toll on me. I did it though because I trulyyyyy LOVED him and I know people who do anythinggg for love. At least I know you girls would. You girls are some of the strongest people, and you love IS REAL!! :).

My relationship started out PERFECT and everything I could have imagined and more. Yet, I realized who the true loser he really was.

I haven't spoken to him for around 20 days or even heard from him cuz he's at MCT. (No one has heard from him)

He grads MCT this coming week, so I'll just tell him then. I threw away the stuffed animals and boot camp letters. All I need is to return his jacket to his house with the marine corps ring inside the pocket and then I'M DONEE!!

Btw, there is somee good news. I can be a flirt and I'm single now. ;) Already chattin up men LOL. I met this new guy as well. But I'm def not going into a relationship for a longgg while. I'm about to go to college and need to figure out what I want.

Best of luck ladies, and thanks for helping me out! <3

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1 Response Mar 16, 2010

its good for you to figure things out and make a set decision just dont go back on them!!<br />
going to college is deff gonna be an eye opener its great you meet so many new ppl ppl who are on your level just dont get caught up on college boys most of them are a waste too..focus on your school work and make your parents proud!! <br />
wish you best of luck on find a good man, deff dont stress it we're all still so young but there deff out there =]