Before he came into my life I said: The guy I will be able to fall for is one that I have tons of respect for and someone that will make my family happy with who I have chosen to spend my time with. I have had my fair share of guys but I want one that doesn’t just say he is different from the rest but someone that actually proves that he is one of a kind. I want a stand up guy that means every word he says and would never lie to me or hurt me. I want someone that is exactly who he tells me he is. I want someone that says he will call me and actually does it and doesn’t leave me hanging all night. I want someone that is staring at me and only me while we are together, not every girl that walks by him. I want a guy that doesn’t break his promises. I want a guy that will tell me he has fallen in love with me and actually means it.

 My idea of love- The only true kind of love there is, is unconditional love. I can honestly say I have never been in love with a guy. Love is undying. It’s passionate, real, sweet, and sometimes it can suck. I don’t expect it to be pure bliss just something real.

*Our Story*

 How it began

*Sunday March 7th 2010 (Day One)- My first sentence to him: You are cuteee, may I please have you?! His first response: First of all how old are you? We talked until he had to go but gave him my number and we talked the rest of the night until we fell asleep on the phone together. I told him what I was looking for and the information he shared told me he was looking for the same thing. We have so much in common from us both being adopted to him having the same car as my mom. From the first conversation I knew he was something special and definitely a man worth holding onto.

*Thursday March 11th 2010 (Day Four) I have never in my life fallen for someone this fast and this hard. I hang onto every word that comes out of his mouth. It’s as if he is perfect for me, he is everything I have ever wanted and so much more. He calls me back every single time he says he will and tells all of his friends about me. The fact that he is a Marine doesn’t even intrigue me anymore, now it’s all him and how he makes me feel. He makes me feel so amazing. He makes me feel wanted. Most importantly he gives me something that I need, he makes me want a future. He makes me feel like all the obstacles to get to a future with him will be completely worth it in the end.

*Sunday March 14th 2010 (Day Seven) I want him. I need him. I crave him. Everything I have ever wanted is exactly what he is. I didn’t believe in love before but now I am not so sure about that. He is stealing my heart before I even know it. I am really starting to believe that he was made for me. He continues to amaze me every single day. From the way he acts towards me to every single thing he says. I don’t think I will ever be willing to give this man up. I honestly and truly do want him and only him forever.

Now I am staring to question whether I should be with him or not. He says he is 100% positive I am what he wants but I have heart issues and one day they will be a problem. He is going on an MEU in July. Is it really fair for me to stay with him knowing that I will only add to the stress that he already faces? This is why my relationships never last, and now I really feel as though I have a real man. I don't want to bring my problems into someone else's life. Especially into a Marine's life.


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Thank you guys for all the positive feedback. Y<br />
es he knows about my heart. I have a big red scar going down my chest and I would never hide it. <br />
He is just about the sweetest boy I have ever met. He has field all week but guess who still made a point to call me last night? He is the best. <br />
Then I start to talk and think like that and I get scared thinking maybe it's too good to be true. I really hope this is the real thing.

it sounds like you have truly found a man who is worth it. dont let that go! i was hesitant to start my relationship with my marine too because i thought it would be selfish of me and i wanted him to focus while deployed. but now i know that he needed support too, just like your man will. and if he is one of a kind and the man that you really want to be with and you are the only girl that he wants then dont let it go! embrace it!<br />
and just because you have heart problems doesnt mean that you dont deserve love too. as long as he knows about it? i hope he does?<br />
<br />
good luck!<br />
<br />
love, <br />

i agree with all these girls ! go for it!!<br />
leaving him right now would cause the stress if you ask me<br />
dont back out cause your scared you deserve a guy like the one your describing<br />
maybe your heart problems go away or become less of a risk<br />
stuff like that always happens and time goes by. <br />
if the relationship is the way your describing it youre your mans support<br />
he needs you and he needs you to not hold back !!

I don't think being with you would be an added stress at all! In fact, your love can be what makes him want to keep going to make it back home to you (: <br />
It seems like you guys fell in love hard, and in a very short time. My fiance and I are the very same way, and the feelings we have for each other haven't changed. We're still always nagging each other, still both stubborn and still would give up the whole world if we could just have an evening together in each other's arms. <br />
I know it's new to you, but if you love him, trust me, it's worth it for both of you. Our love may be hard, but it is stronger.

i think there is another girl on here that has heart problems too....or at least their was...and just bc of that doenst mean you cant have love...it just becomes an obstacle you face together