I Am Getting Married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok so not any time soon! buuuuuuuuut this morning he was saying that when people ask him about me he says he is getting married when he gets back to the states. so then he goes amanda i am sorry i am doing this over the phone and i'm sorry i;m doing this from japan and it will be more formal but will you marry me!? and i said yes yes. then later in our convo he was like it makes me so excited that i can call you my fiancee now!! so my day is made. he wants to do it when i visit him in japan maybe if we can! i am so excited.

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um he left the 21st he just felt it was right i suppose but i am totally excited and i am going when i get the money i have not talked to him in almost 2 days :( but he will call soon i am glad it is every 2 days you know having to use phone cards he is slack and has not gotten a good phone plan and he is getting settled and what not.

soo happy for youuu girll!!!

how exciting! congrats love!

CONGRATULATIONS! I haven't been on EP for awhile, so I didn't know he was in Japan? When did this happen lol? Well, I'm just so happy for you :)

congrats girl!

AWW!!! Congrats girl! that is so exciting!

Mine is making me wait until February for him to propose. He told me he's going to but wants to be home and talk to my parents and do it in person.


When are you going to Japan?

Congratulations I'm so happy for you!! =)