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About your story...Ive gotten to know alot of girls up here but, if your up here and i haven't really talked to you i would love to know your story about you and your Marine or soon to be Marine....

As for me Im still semi new to being a Marine wife...Me and my husband have know each other since middle school, didnt really talk till high school where he was trying very hard one night at a football game to be with me, & at that time i just wont interested in him...He was really scrawny and just i wont attracted to him at, well the next year idk what all he did but,  he got huge he was taking a weight lifting class, and just grew lol...& one night i was at a new years party and he was there & we just started talkin, & i gave him my number, and started talkin ever since, We officaly started dating Jan 18th of 04...So its been six years now, and we got married last year on May 16th...Our one year anniversary is comming up...He graduated college doing  welding, and the job he was at was moving pretty far away....Which hes always wanted to join the military just this seemed like the perfect time to do it, we were married, his job was moving, We knew we could do this together...So he left a month after we were married.

It has been a reallly hard year, & everyone says the first year is the toughest, noone said ot would be easy but everyone i have talked to said it would be worth it, so almost a year being gone he is finally done with school and comes home on the 16th. We got stationed about an hour or so from our hometown...Were gonna be living near Camp Lejeune & New River Air Base, the air base is where he is gonna be working since he works on ospreys. He gets about 3 weeks of leave, and we have to find a place down there. Excited its around summer time too cuz were right by the beach :):):)

Everyone have a Happy Easter <3

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Hey my name is Tiffany I'm 19 and my husband name is Tanner and he is 20.. We dated for three years and just got married on January 2nd 2010..We meet in our high school gym I moved to North Carolina to be with him..Which is far away from our home town. we are from Lincoln Nebraska which is about 24 hours away from here.. the married life is going great.. We have already done one deployment to Iraq (for 9 months) and he will be going to Afghanistan some time this year..=( I have been with Tanner while he was in bootcamp, school, deployed..and will still stand behind him in everything else..He wants to make this a career so look like I will be a military wife for which is fine with me I am very proud of him and he is my hero..!

I'm Heather. I met my husband when I was 19, I am now 23. He was a friend of my sister and she brought him over one day and I thought he was cute. Both of us were really shy and so we didnt really talk. It took hanging out a couple times and myspace for us to really start talking. He quickly became someone I trusted more than anyone else in the world. We flirted all the time but we were both to nervous to push past the flirting stage. He joined the Marines and we lost contact for a little while but we both missed each other and we very quickly got back in contact with each other. He came home on leave in 08 and as soon as we had a moment alone with me he pinned me against the wall and kissed me. After that day we realized that we couldnt let the distance prevent us from being a couple anymore and we gave it a try. We got married almost a year after that first kiss. We've now been married a year and its been the most amazing year of my life. Right now we are dealing with deployment and I cant wait until he is back home with me.

Dang what a good story alexandrea, and im so happy he realized he was not being how a bf is suppose to treat there girl, i wish u guys the best!! and him a safe return home..Im deff not ready for a deployment :(

I am trying, it def. gets easier as you go along but if everything works out and they dont change it he should be home in three months :)

My name is Alexandra (19) and my Marine is Lucas (20) We have been dating for two years and ten months. So I'm very in and out of this group. I use to be all in it, checking up on it everyday, but I've moved on (and not trying to be mean) but found myself outside of my Marine. Let me start from the beginning.<br />
<br />
So Lucas and I have always known each other because our sisters are best friends. He was dating some other crazy girl, and I was dating some crazy drug dealer. At the time I didn't know he was a drug dealer, and Lucas didn't know his now ex girlfriend was crazy. Literally, that girl called rape on Lucas just because her parents found out they had sex. Anyways, they broke up around the same time I found out that my then boyfriend was a drug dealer. My Marine and I had first started talking when we bumped in to each other at the movies and then again at iHop. Well then summer school rolls around and we are both there to advance in credits. We had the same breaks and we just started talking. Numbers were exchanged and we hung out that very day. Well feelings grew but I was still very skeptical about jumping into a relationship because I kept getting screwed over by guys. I decided to ignore my gut and start dating Lucas. That was on June 7th, 2007. (at 2:40 P.M.) A litle after a month of us dating, Lucas had decided that he was going to join the Marines. I decided I was going to wait it out, and if we were still dating, I would wait by his side. Everything was going really good up until December 16th 2007. A little after our six month anniversary. In the previous months, Lucas had decided that he was going to get all his partying out of his system and he thought he could control it. Well that night, I got a call from him that night saying that it was best if I started seeing someone else. i was lost and confused and I was not going to stop bothering him until I got an answer. He finally budged the next morning and told me he had cheated on me. I told him to lose my number and never contact me again. He tried to fight it out with me for me to just listen to him but I told him he was a disgrace to his family and to let me be. At school he would try and contact me. I told him until he was honest to God sorry and done with the partying, I would have nothing to do with him. His partying went on for about a month or two and then he was finally done. He begged and pleaded for me to take him back. I wasn't going to let him go by so easily, especially since I had been hurt so bad. Finally, I took him back. We were doing good, but that good streak was shortly about to end. June 9th, 2008. Off to boot camp he went. I wrote him a letter everyday. Sometimes three a day. I was dedicated to this kid. And making sure he knew I was supporting him throughout everything. I was going through my own problems at home too. I had all the money to go to his graduation, but sadly, that money had to go to bills because my father, the main provider for my household, had to get surgery and couldn't work for three weeks. Lucas understood and was kind of bummed out I couldn't go. But we attempted to make the best of the ten days we had. He had the typical mind set of I don't need anyone. So he told me I was crazy and I told him he was crazy for not wanting support. My father told me that was going to happen though because he had experienced the same thing. My father was in the military for twenty years. So I waited for Lucas and he finally accepted it. So he went to MOS at Maryland and we were going pretty good. Everything was fine and dandy. He came home pretty much every other month. He came home in July and everything was amazing. I never expected the following to happen. I had a week vacation to Orland with my best friend and her family. I didn't have much communication with Lucas because I didn't want to disrespect my friends family. when I returned home, the SAME DAY, Lucas said that he couldn't hurt me anymore and I needed to find someone closer to me. At that point I was like **** YOU. So I went out with the girls, had my life, moved on. I was even talkign to someone else, but deep in my heart, I kenw I belongs with Lucas. He found out he was getting deployed to Africa and that no one besides me would give a flying ****. He got depressed adn begged for me back. I stood my damn ground and told him no repeatedly. I was not going to be played stupid again. Well one day, while I was at work, my mom called me and told me thatg Lucas was tehre at my house. i aws in complete shock. As much as I didn't want to see him, I was still happy and my heart was pounding.He was pretty much asking my parents for them to forgive him for everything he has done and if they would give the blessing for him and I to date again if I said yes. I wasn't just going to give up like that so I told him I woudl think about it. He proved, in those five days, that he was goign to work for my love. I know this going to sound a tad gold digger ish, but in actuallity it's not. He bought me a seven hundred dollar promise ring, and a hundred and twenty dollar watch. Anyways, so he went to Africa and I knew I had to take him back. I was extremely lonely and I knew he was the one I needed. I took him back and ever since then, it's been nothing but bliss. He leaves for "deployment" sometime next week and will only be gone for a month or so. Hopefully he will be home at the end of the "deployment."

Well thats awesome! :) Keep goin strong thru this deployment how much longer to you have till he is home???

Hi, my name is Samantha and like you I have known my marine since middle school but we really didnt talk at all until junior year of high school and it took us till prom senior year to realize that we should try it and see if this would work for us. Well by then he had already signed up for the marines so there wasn't much time so we decided not to do anything. But by the time i started college we had been texting daily. We had even gotten into fights. We kept up the friendship through everything until my sophmore year. He came home for christmas my sophmore year, he actually texted me the whole time I was out on a date with another guy, I ended up ignoring the other guy and never saw him again lol. But realized that we werent just friends anymore. We tried the whole long distance thing but just couldn't handle all of the pressures of it yet (I guess is a good way to put it) We have decided this is what we want and are making it work for us!. I am now ending my junior year in college and have been "officially" together for almost 10 months. (although if you ask me its been atleast two years :) ) I have been down to see him twice and he has come home once. We are definelty making this work it is what we both want. He is currently in Afghanistan so we dont talk much, but I still love him and miss him like crazy. that is my story. def not as entertaining as some of you girls but it is what it is. I am here if anyone ever needs support. I know there will be times when I will thanks girls you really help!

Awww elizabeth your story is cute, I HATE feet too...Ughhh lol...and jenny just stay strong girl, school was the hardest for me and him, but we made it..and workin on our marriage everyday...I cant wait to finally be living with him again...

Aha, Elizabeth our story is prettyyyy much alike...almost!<br />
I'm a senior in hgih school (18) and my bf graduated last year. We met through mutual friends, but we knew about each other before but never talked. He's the type of guys that could literally get any girl he wanted lol. (Surprisingly, he's had only 2 girlfriends) Plus he's a really caring type of guy who'll always be there for someone. Umm, I didn't like him when I first saw him though. I just saw this guy that seemed to be a bit cocky and every girl flirted with him. I ignored him and didn't really care. Well we went to NYC together with a group of friends. Apparently he started liking me. He told everyoneee that he liked me, and they wanted to help out I guess. I found out late June that he did, and I didn't believe anyone. July 4th we went to the fireworks with a bunch of friends, and my friend would ONLY pick me up if I gave him an answer. I said I would, but I mean I never cared about being with a guy ever, so I didn't mean it. That night I got a little jealous to be honest that some other girl was flirting with him, so I went home upset. He texted me "what's wrong. you wanted to talk to me today?" and it took enormous effort to say I liked him. But I did it!<br />
We've been so close and in love since we got together. He's really caring. His friends say that they've never seen him so into a girl before, and that they know that he really loves me. I knew he was joining the Marine Corps, but I stuck with him because I thought "why stop a good thing" you know? When he left it was reallyyy hard on me not gonna lie. I wrote him 52 letters when he was there. But I grew a lot then. He came back from boot, and it wasn't good with us to say the least. But that's in the past. His crazy ex still tries to contact him, but he doesn't talk to her anymore. Plus, he's being more open to me now. Calls me every night like he says he will. :) I took a month long break during his MCT, and that's what saved our relationship. We just got so serious real quick, and it kinda freaked us out a bit. So now we're taking it as it goes. <br />
He just came home for a 96, and we had an AMAZING time. We couldn't stop saying how much we loved each other. So I know we're young and this relationship is gonna take some effort, but we really do love each other. He's waiting on his MOS as of right now.<br />
LOL, this is longg