Oh My F*ing Goodness!!!!!

Okay.. so i am realllllllllllllllllly frustrated right now..

So my marine just txted me and was like "is there anything that you havent told me or twisted the words on" and i was like um no.. idk what the **** is going on.. I havent done anything! I tell him everything.. EVERYTHING!!!!! I sit in my room.. hang out with my other marine wife.. go to class.. and go to my axo meetings.. I have no idea what is going on.. and he wont talk to me.. ugh!!! i am so pissed and frustrated.. idk what is going to happen.. and i dont know what he is thinking.. and i dont know who he has talked to!!!!!!!

he is ******* me off! ****!!!!!!! (if that doesnt show up.. that is the f word in big caps letters)

He is just accusing me right now.. idk what is going on.. i honestly havent done anything.. at least not that i know of.. i am so confused.. so so confused..

and i need to vent.. blah thanks for listening..

okay.. well there is this thing.. he wants me to come down there.. and i have been thinking out loud to some friends.. idk if one of them has said something.. but i dont know!!!!!!!! ahh!!! and i dont know how to correct anything he has heard unless he tell me what it is.. but yea.. so blah!!!!!!!!!

FML!!!! thats all i have to say..

o and that i love him so very much.. idk what to do..

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2 Responses Apr 18, 2010

Be upfront with him about you going down there (assuming he wants you to move there?), tell him how you feel... in a calm matter. Just be like, I hadn't made up my mind yet and I was just getting advice from friends. you should probably find out who he's been talking to .... I think you should probably ask him what he's talking about and MAKE him tell you before you assume that it's about you going there. Just to be sure! I can only imagine how frustrating this must be.

Um its hard cause you dont know what you did and maybe it is the you going down there and if it is then just think out loud to him!! there are also times things blown completely out proportion just keep trying to find out what it is and try and get him to talk to you!!