First Letter From Him On Saturday! :)

Hi guys,

I'm new to this site and have been trying to find people that can relate to what I'm going through.

I dropped my boyfriend off at his recruiter's office Sunday, August 26th and these last couple of weeks have been pretty rough. We have been dating since last May and I was so used to talking to him every day, all the time. This is the first time that we'll have to be apart from each other for so long and we thought that being 4 hours apart whlie I was in college was hard. During the 2nd week, I was getting all paranoid thinking that he might have forgotten about me or something, but when his first letter came in the mail on Saturday I was completely reassured. That single letter made me SO ridiculously happy. :D He was so sweet and I miss him like crazy. I've been writing to him every day since he left and sent him my set of letters as soon as I got his address from his mom Friday afternoon. I hope he gets them soon.

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Hey hun!!. I know exactly how you feel. I dropped my bf off at his recruiters on Aug. 26th as well. Omg that day felt so long after I dropped him off.:/ I felt the same around the 2nd week...I felt like he wasn't going to love me anymore lol. Congrats on getting your first letter!! :)) its the best feeling. I constantly read mine haha. I got mine yesterday.I am still worried he hasn't gotten mine either...I've been writing him everyday since i dropped him off. >_< Maybe they'll get all of them at once. That would make them so happy.;) Where is your bf doing basic at?? Mine is at Camp Pendleton,SD. How have you been feeling the past few days??.

Hi! Haha, I've been reading and rereading my letters from him as well. I've gotten 3 so far and I bring them with me every where. When did you get his address? My boyfriend is in Parris Island, SC. I've been feeling pretty great this week because I got a letter from him Monday AND Tuesday. I'm hoping for another one today, but I shouldn't be greedy. :-P How are you holding up?

haha!. That's wonderful girl :) yeah, I've gotten 3 so far the first pne came monday and the other 2 came yesterday.^_^ It helps to know they are okay, and are still the same great guys. I'm glad your week has be great. My week has been pretty great too. lol. I know what you mean. I went to see him I got a letter from him today...I know I won't get one everyday, but it's still fun to check. It's like getting an amazing gift. x) Are you near Parris Island??. Do you ever have days where you miss him so much it hurts like the first day he left?.