Hey Ladies :)

Hello girls!! My name is Jada. My bf left to bootcamp at Camp Pendleton Aug. 27th. It was so hard the first few weeks before he left. I was a mess...once the day finally came I built up enough strength to stay calm for him. I'm on my 3rd week, and I feel like things have gotten a bit easier. I got a call from him this past Friday ^_^ I cried of course. lol. It was absolutely the most amazing 3 min and 5 seconds. Then I got his first letter yesterday, and I feel so blessed and happy. I still have a lot of moments of sadness, and have my down days where I just want to stay in bed. I would love and appreciate meeting strong ladies who understand where I'm coming from. :) I've been worried he hasn't gotten any of my letters... :/ I sent them out last week on wednesday. How long does it usually take for them to receive letters?.

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Wow I wish I could be strong like you. My boyfriend just left for boot camp today and I've basically had to give up on wearing makeup because for the past couple days I've just cried it off. I want to be strong for him because I know he feels like he's hurting me by leaving but it's really hard. Any tips? It does get easier right?

It takes a few days, it all depends on one of the DI. But just keep writing to him, everyday