It's Been A Week

Its been a week since he left. its been a week I've been waiting for a letter. I do know it takes time for a letter to come but some part of me kept thinking that maybe it will only take a week not 2 to 5 weeks. Its been a week but it feels like a year. It's been a week and i think I'm going crazy. How do I tell my best friend that I'm hurting if it's been a week his away. I already miss him and Its been a week.
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

If he is in bootcamp he is only allowed to write on a certain day between certain times. He will write you, and he'll need a response. Be patient

thank you. i know better now. just few min. ago he called me. it was the best 6min. of my life knowing his ok.

Good to hear, phone calls are even harder to get, is he using a phone card?

He said his recruiter let him borrow it

Hmm ok, well if your able to send him letters you should b able to send him a phone card but letters he can read are better, help b his strength.

Thank u.

Your welcome, and he will b home before you know it

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