Strange Yet Satisfying Relationship

Every now and then i get the feeling that what i am doing is preposterous. How could such a thing work??

But it does, and i enjoy it!

Although I'm seeing them i still count myself as single. I am faithful to them but at the same time I'm still on the market...


I see him alone, i see her alone


I give them space, but pop over unexpectedly.


It is not normal, but at the same time it feels right. 

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Well I've been married for 5 years and i've recently started to actually accept my bisexuality so I approached my husband and i explained to him my attractions to other women. Long story short after continuously flirting with a friend things started to become more physical a kiss here and there some touching unitl we finally had sex while he touched. Now we all seem to want to continue this regularly whether its just him and her, me and her or the three of us. Since I'm new to this any advise would help, I really want this to work

We have the same relationship. It's not normal but who said normal was right for everyone. We love it and are truly happy!!<br />
The relationship is new though, only about 2 months old. Advice?

Are you still happy

my husband and I just recently started beginings of adding a third. We talked alot about rules. Sexual and emotional rules. We have a 7 yr old child so want to protect her. I am bi and my husband supports. I'm not a jelous person amd love watching my hub please another woman and vice versa... Any advice?

I too am interested in how you are making this work. My long-term boyfriend/psuedo-husband of nine years and I have recently discussed the possibility of adding a "third" to the mix. We are both in our thirties and have one child who is six so it's a little complicated but we are interested.

I just started a relationship with a married couple and I hold a strong bond with the wife but I'm not sure how it works. I know that the relationship is mainly with her because I'm allowed to be alone with her, but not him. I found them through my boyfriend and I'm looking for any advice on making this work because I don't want to lose her or him.

we are very new to this my wife have a girlfriend i think we have all be with each other twice we say we are with each other just tring to understands the do and donts and if this can really work for all involed

I am also but when you are all together its harder than seeing them separate Trust me it gets complicated I have been with this couple for two years and a half i think, its something that just happened. I love her to death but he's a heard head!

If it works for you, then why f-it up? Be with them be with others be you.

vetnurse<br />
You are quite welcome to message me privately. Id be happy to answer and questions or tell you more about the relationship.

I wish I could find more on this subject. I am entering the exact same senario and I am so excited about the possibilies. We are parents, I have one child they have 3 and that is another part of it. Last night we sat down and came up with ground rules, about 14, for how we envision this working. It is very new for me on many levels, I have never had an intimate relationship with a woman but there is a clear strong bond between me and the husband. They have a lifestyle that from the outside looks normal but in private they are risk takers and dont go with the norms of society. This is for no one else, this is because we wish to love others without deceit. Jealousy can be a thing I see struggling with but I am fascinated by polyamorous relationships and am searching for more stories of experience in this realm.

I would be interested in knowing what your rules are. We only have a few and I'm thinking we could use some more.

"It is not normal, but at the same time it feel right." <br />
<br />
What's normal anyway? <br />
<br />
The sex lif of two people, or in this case three, is between them, and if all parties agree, then it's ok.